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Orbus Transmog Closet.png

What are Transmogs?[edit | hide | hide all]

Transmogs allow you to change the appearance of your armor pieces and weapons.

Steps to Applying Transmogs[edit | hide]

  1. Equip the armor & weapons you would like to transmog.
  2. Go to the transmog closet in your player house.
  3. Click on the target armor and/or weapon.
  4. Click on the desired appearance change on the right door of the closet.
  5. Click apply on the left door of the closet.
  6. Be happy with your new look.

Tips[edit | hide]

  1. If you infuse an item you still get the transmog.
  2. You cannot transmog rings, bracers, or make weapons look like beginner weapons.

Where Can I Get Transmogs?[edit | hide]

Transmogs come from breaking down armor, weapons & capes.

Some transmogs are purchasable with dram, PVP or raid tokens, some drop for mobs, and some you can craft yourself.