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Leveling Classes[edit | hide | hide all]

It is important to keep in mind that when you hand in a mission, finish a quest, or do an xp gaining activity you gain the xp on the class you are currently wearing.

If you want to level up a new class using missions or quests, you must first equip the weapon for that class before turning anything in.

PVP Bonus[edit | hide]

Enabling PVP gives you a 10% xp bonus to all activities you do with it enabled (along with extra PVP only resource nodes).

  • If you want to be able to use this bonus for missions or quests you must have it enabled the whole time. From mission/quest pickup to drop off.
  • If you turn PVP off for any reason, at any time before hand in. You will loose the 10% boost.

Please only go this route if you actually enjoy PVP.

Tradable Item Loss[edit | hide]

If you decide PVP is for you:

  • You will be killed by other players while questing and loose everything tradable in your bag (until you get good at killing them back).
  • If you kill someone it is ok and expected for you to take their bag.
  • If you loose the fight, expect and accept that the other player is going to take your bag.
  • You are going to die a lot.

If you find the above upsetting you. Please consider leaving PVP off.

Easy Activities to Level Your Classes[edit | hide]

I'm Level 30, Now What?[edit | hide]