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The Lore

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Lore Chapters

1. The Beginning

In the beginning there was only the void.

But the goddess M’aat and her brother B’aal looked upon the void, and they knew that it should not be thus.
M’aat, who knew the names of all things, spoke into the void. Her voice echoed through a new world, giving it order and filling it with light and truth. The land and the sea; all the creatures in them, and all the stars in the sky. She created all these things, and she created man. She saw what she had made and she knew that it was good.

Her brother, B’aal, also knew the names of all things. But when he spoke, his voice created a world filled with chaos. He created a world filled with horrible creatures, imps and golems and dragons. It was a world of eternal darkness.
M’aat saw what her brother had wrought, and she knew that it was evil. She sealed it away, placing a veil between her realm of order and his realm of chaos, so that her creation could dwell in the light and not the dark.

And so it was that the realm of man was shielded from these dark and terrible things. ~ Book of Y’llah

2. The Order

The Order, established by Toras Ryll after the fall of Laegonelle, has endured for tens of generations. The Order’s influence and power are vast and reach every corner of the land. Their Inquisitors hunt out heretics and keep a wary eye for anyone showing signs of awakening, while their Scholars study ancient relics in the Tower Vault, probing for ways to further increase the Order’s strength.

The Order fell to the Knights of Patrealy about 20 years ago in the battle of Lavamora. They killed most of the Janists because they felt their exploits of the gods of chaos were crimes against their holy mother Ma'at who is also a god a chaos.

As the Bishop says "thou are free but for one sacred rule... follow thy holy mother."

3. Gods of Chaos

Not to much is known about these creatures of chaos but the quote from the first cut scene says, "there are places out there, in the dark. And in the dark the great ones of chaos slither and writhe, twisting in their eternal slumber beneath the cosmic sky."

They are able to survive in the void which is an area where nothing and everything exist at the same time making them one of the most powerful creatures in all of Orbus. They have the power to give knowledge and create there own astral pockets and dimensions. They also radiate a essence of pure chaos that can be harvested, this essence could power extremely powerful machinery which is why its so sought after.

The only known Gods/Goddess are:

  • Tera - goddess of the forests of zantheron
  • Kulta - god of the cosmic ocean
  • Ma'at - goddess of Taella-Osa, was a goddess of peace and creativity (she would of never approved of the order)
  • Ba'al - god of Taella-Bruha
  • N'shu - god of the astral plane, protector of travelers
  • Nodenghast - the mother of the gods of chaos

4. Sephotep

His backstory,

Direct quote from the dev Susan_M “I read the account as the origin story of Sephotep. In entry four Ethan says he steps into a portal and travels through time and space, so I believe he has gone back in time and is seeing the first steps toward the creation of Sephotep. However, I think any work of fiction where it’s not 100% clear is open to the interpretation of the reader. If you want to read it as Sephotep was disguising himself as Seith, then I don’t think that’s incorrect. Things get murky whenever time travel is involved anyway. 😉 But personally I have always read that story as Seith = young Sephotep.” His backstory is unclear so it’s up to you on what you think it is!

his backstory continued (i dont know what order i should do this so ill let you decide how you want it)

this is going off if he was Seith. he was a kid who grew up in the frozen tundra of the necropolors and his whole life he wanted to go out and explore. this was a bit difficult for him considering the fact that he was paralyzed in both legs. one day Ethan got sent back in time by a witch named tinny to find Sephotep before he got all powerful and he ended up running into Seith. the two chatted and even became pretty good friends and they both agreed to help find the person they were looking for. (Seith was looking for his master shaman because it has recently gone missing and with him being the apprentice it was his duty to find the master shaman and bring it back.) The two set off and later find the master shaman in the rainforests near some glyphs that Seith deciphered as the word Nodenghast. These glyphs made Ethan have and unsettling feeling but night was coming fast and they were all very tied so they decided to make camp and venture back home the next morning. 

the next morning came quick and when Ethan woke up he found he was alone... he stood up to go look for Seith but then he hit something. He looked down and saw the master shaman with a knife in his chest laying lifelessly on the floor. Ethan shuddered back and all he could think was "who could of done this??" He felt sick but was interrupted by the Weird glyphs that Seith was so obsessed with the past night. He got closer and touched the glyphs. out of no where a strong force pulled him into the wall. He tried to fight the invisible force but it was to powerful so his only option was to let this force take him, "maybe this is where Seith went." he thought. he then appeared in a long dark hallway, he could still see the forest around him but it felt like it was in another world. all he knew was he wasn't in his dimension anymore. As he started to walk down the hall he felt his very essence quake inside of him. he then heard two faint voices chanting some unworldly song. he made out one of the voices as Seith and he had no choice but to follow it He got to the exit of the hall and saw a huge castle floating in the sky and Seith sitting in his chair talking to the castle. ethan called out to him and the voice from the castle feel silent. seith shifted his chair to face him. "Ethan you made it" he said. Ethan asked many questions but got no answers, instead Seith rose from his chair and said "she healed me" "she set me free from my prison." "Ethan pledge your servitude, ask her what she wants and she will find that man you seek" Ethan then replied with "lets go, this thing.. it doesn't.. feel right." "Nonsense." Seith said. "look at what its done for me! I have felt for my whole life that I have been trapped but she spoke to me and now I can explore the whole multiverse!" the castle suddenly began to explode with noise. "for what?" Ethan shouted "What must you give her in return." Seith smiled sadly "oh Ethan you will never understand, you have never felt trapped like I did. go home forget what you've seen here." Seith then disappears and with him gone the castle started to get louder and louder until Ethan could no longer handle it forcing him to leave the pocket dimension.

Ethan then decides to head back to guild city but when he returns he finds no one there... and in the middle of the town square he saw Seith praying- no talking to something or someone. "Seith!" Ethan calls out, "where is everyone?" he asks. "Nodenghast required a sacrifice." Seith says as he turns to face Ethan. "Sephotep?" ethan says as he sees the face of the evil wizard. "yes that is a good name, I'll take it." he reply's Seith or now Sephotep is about to strike down Ethan but Ethen just in time gets teleported away by a witch named tinny. he looks at her and could only make out the words "I made him, I made Sephotep.

5. The Citadel

short version the citadel, the castle that summoned the mother of chaos Nodenghast by shooting a purple unworldly beam up out of the middle tower that made a huge portal that all of patrealy could see lighting up the whole landscape. creating a one week period in which floods, earthquakes, and fires plagued the land.

long version Sephotep asked sicilus and Poe to work along side him in the creation of the citadel told them it was a marvel of the age of knights that it was meant to put patreayl back on the map, to show all of taella-osa that we have recovered from the order of Ma’ats pillaging of our land. The pitch? A great tower powered by the essence - essence that they themselves would harvest from the gods of chaos in taella-bruha. It would hold within its vast and complex technologies, the capability to connect astral bridges between dimensions. Sephoteps cover up story was that patreayl would become known as a country of explorers, he said people would journey through time and space to find new worlds. We could map the multiverse itself! But every passing day people grew suspicious of lord sephotep and with the more essence they poured into its mechanical bowels, the more erratic he grew… this was no mere excitement, no it was the behavior of a man who could see his efforts and greed coming to fruition. So on the night of the citadels completion sicilus sneaked into sephoteps private quarters while he attended the final stages of his plan and read his secret diary’s and discovered the horrid truth of what was about to unfold, the diary spoke of “great darkness” set to be summoned to our land. Of the castle in the sky, from which the great ones of chaos were birthed the citadel was not what you have been lead to believe at all. instead he used the citadel as a beacon, a flare of magical energy that would carry itself across dimensions, throughout the multiverse and into the outer realm known as “the tranquil dark” For sephoteps desired to summon nodenghast, the mother of the gods of chaos, he sought… something within the walls of her castle, something he would gladly destroy the entire world just to get his hands on.

The reason the inside of the citadel looks different from the outside, direct quote from the dev Mathieu_D “But regarding the questions about the sky and all that, I think space and dimensions are all messed up in the citadel by all the magick so you shouldn’t expect things to look realistic, and inside is very much not like the outside.”

The citadel was made to summon Nodenghast, the mother of the gods of chaos.

6. The Followers of Khabor

Also known as Janists Although the Order officially denies their existence, rumors persist about a secret cult which studies the writings of Khabor Jan, the leader of the Legion who first tore the veil between the realms of Order and Chaos. They seek a way to re-open the veil and reclaim the power of Laegonelle. “Only seven years after Täella-Brüha was revealed to the general public, the first great city was built. Using the power of the essence and the strange technologies they discovered in the realm of Chaos, Khabor and his Janists built the great city in record time, alongside the Waystation between worlds.” (The great city is Laegonelle)

Full Preborn Story

Chapter One: Of Lowly Origins The Hero of Patreayl began their life as a nobody, dwelling in the small town of Highsteppe. At the time, the continent writhed under the reign of a totalitarian religious group known as “The Order of Ma’at,” worshippers of one of the ancient gods of Chaos.

Training under the guidance of Bart Janlier, the Hero hoped to one day become an important protector of their village – a Guardian of Highsteppe.

But, on the day they were due to graduate their training, The Order came to town to celebrate the coronation of Lavera Roma, Guild City’s new Bishop. The Order loyalists – Lord Lenneth, Mayor of Highsteppe, and Bart himself – were busy setting up a Festival to celebrate this very event. Employed by these men and others, the Hero of Highsteppe set about helping to get everything ready.

While out collecting ingredients for the feast, our Hero encountered a group of bandits, led by the outlawed Lord Oscar Hulthine. Spying on him, they found that Oscar and his bandits, known as The Knights of Patreayl, were planning to raid the village and assassinate the new Bishop.

Still loyal to the Order (the religious organization ran in this area by Bishop Roma), the Hero returned quickly to warn him of a potential attack.

That night, as the feast raged on, the new Bishop stood before the crowd and pointed out Lord Oscar and his assassins amongst the crowd, capturing and imprisoning them.

In return for their help, the Bishop offered the Hero a spot in his highly elite Order army of Enforcers – based in Guild City. And so, seeking honor for themselves, the Hero made their way to the capital to begin a new life working for the Order.

After several missions completed on behalf of the Order’s commander, Petra Fassith, and her secret lover, General Clavacius, the Hero of Patreayl found themselves in attendance of Lord Oscar in the lead up to his execution. From his prison cell, the traitorous Lord told stories to the Hero. Stories of his love for the leader of the outlawed Knights of Patreayl – Lord Markos of Runval, and stories suggesting evil corruption at the heart of their precious Order. After Oscar's death, the Hero of Patreayl began their investigations into the truth of his words. They discovered accounts of horrible atrocities committed by the Order on the people of the Midlands. This discovery precipitated an encounter with Lord Markos himself, and an agreement to work for the Patreayl Knights as a double agent. Chapter Two: A Tour of Patreayl As an undercover agent for the Knights of Patreayl, our Hero worked for a time as a competent Enforcer, sending intel to Lord Markos and sabotaging the Order where they could.

Through their actions, the Hero managed to uncover a secret plot, orchestrated by Commander Fassith and General Clavacius to overthrow Bishop Roma in favour of the previous ruler, Bishop Archibald, the brother of the short-tempered General. Armed with this information, the Hero turned their commander and her lover into fugitives, rising to the position of High Commander themselves, working all the while as a double agent for the Knights. After some time in their new position, the Hero was called into the private chambers of Bishop Roma for a special meeting.

The Order had discovered an ancient relic. A puzzle box and map, leading to the final resting place of their ancient and powerful enemy, Khabor Jan, the scholar who once led the world in freedom and truth. Hoping that the discovery of their enemy’s corpse and his ancient powers would raise him even higher in power, Bishop Roma bragged of a second set of ruins, recently discovered by the Order in the frozen plains of the Necropolar.

Stunned by this information, the Hero decided to steal Roma’s relic for the Knights who hailed Khabor Jan as their originator. But Roma had suspected the Hero all along and caught them in the act! Before he could punish them however, Fassith arrived on the scene, intent on murdering the Bishop. After a lengthy battle, the Bishop ran, Fassith was gravely wounded, and the Hero was forced to flee the capital, now a fugitive like their ex-commander.

Returning to Lord Markos, the Hero learnt that Bishop Roma had now begun to mobilize his forces against the Knights. Knowing they needed more allies, Markos tasked the Hero to travel outside of the Midlands in search of military might that would help them combat the coming war. Journeying first into the Obnobi Desert, the Hero of Highsteppe aided and made friends with the warrior Kreyen, leader of the famed Obnobi Bedouin. Kreyen would eventually pledge their forces to the Knight’s cause.

Travelling to the Lucian Plateau, the Hero next gained the trust of the furious and brutal Rune Warg leader, a shaman named Bezoula, who also pledged his help for when the time came. Making their way to the Lamavora Frontier (now known as the Lamavora Battlefield), the Hero met with the honourable leader of Patreayl’s famed Explorer’s League, Helga Sarrow, who was eventually rallied to the cause as well.

In the Patreayl Rainforest (now flooded after the Great Shift), the Hero then earned the trust of Brother Pavara, the feared head of an elite group of assassins known as the Brotherhood. Lastly, the Hero returned to Highsteppe in hopes of bringing Guardian Bart and his warriors to the table. Spurned by his former pupil’s disregard for tradition, Bart initially refused, but after the Hero saved Highsteppe from the Order’s Magick-infested Inquisitors, Bart agreed to help.

Chapter Three: Rise of the Necropolar Lords Returning to Markos and his Knights with good news, the Hero of Patreayl’s triumph was overshadowed by intelligence that the Order had discovered something dangerous and powerful within the snowy ruins of the Necropolar. As the best Knight he had, Markos sent the Hero, along with two allies into the frigid Wastelands to put a stop to Bishop Roma once and for all.

And within those ancient ruins, the Hero found their nemesis, Bishop Roma, digging up the bodies of ancient powerful monsters known as the Necropolar Lords. Enacting dark magick, Roma began to resurrect one such Lord – Dethslatu of the Coming Plague. But after thousands of years of sleep, Dethslatu was in no mood to be bossed around. Upon opening his eyes, he immediately set upon the Bishop, devouring him whole!

Forced to face off against a truly cosmic evil, our Hero did their best in battle, but was overcome by the being’s power. At the last minute, when all seemed lost the hero was saved by a stranger with the ability to travel between dimensions...

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