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VR PVP is a very different experience than PVP in any flat-screen game.

This difference can be awesome, as it feels like you are really there. At the same time your deaths can feel much more personal.

  • If you love the thrill that comes with real human on human combat and can handle being on the loosing side of that combat, PVP is for you.
  • If you find yourself getting upset by being killed by other players, PVE (turning your name white) is for you, let PVP go.

Types of PVP

There are two types of PVP in Orbus:

PVP Pros and Cons

Overworld PVP Pros & Cons

Pros Cons

Battleground PVP Pros & Cons

Pros Cons
  • You get to kill people.
  • Power leveling.
    • PVP missions stack, letting you complete all your quests at once.
  • You cannot lose any loot.
  • You can queue in solo and/or group up in a team of 2.
  • All classes are scaled to level 30.
    • This includes talents, weapons, & armor.
  • You will be killed by people.
  • You cannot teleport out of a battlegrounds match.
  • You cannot hear the opposing team speak.
  • There are many desync-on-death issues that require a hard relog to fix.
  • You can get reported for utilizing glitches to get ahead in PVP.
  • All classes are scaled to base level 30.
    • This includes talents, weapons, & armor.
  • At a certain distance, Quest users only see blue-orbs in place of players.
    • They have no way of telling if a player is on their team or not.

Blacksreen Deaths

As of January 18, 2022 the Devs are implementing a safe-zone teleport system to solve this issue.

When teleporting (using a pillar or mage spell), for a few seconds if the player holds still (e.g. take their fingers off the joysticks) while loading in, the player is safe from other player attacks.

  • By the time they have fully loaded in and can see other players, they can typically be damaged with attacks.

Reasons and Solutions

  1. It takes Quest users roughly 6 to 10 seconds to load in. It takes PC users roughly 5 to 8 seconds to load in.
    1. The above times can be longer than the few seconds of invulnerability given by the fix.
  2. Outside a certain distance, Quest users only see glowing blue orbs instead of players. (They do not even get red orbs to indicate PVP players, just blue orbs.)
    1. It is safer for Quest users to attack all blue orbs, as any orb could be a threat.
  3. People tend to wiggle unconsciously while loading in (like how you wiggle your mouse when waiting for a program to load). This will take the player out of their 'safe space' before visuals render on their end (in the black loading screen).
    1. Controller drift will also take players out of their 'safe space'.

How To Solve Drift

What Blackscreen Killing Is

  • If a player is killed while loading in from a teleport (because of the above issues) it appears (to them) as if they were killed on blackscreen.
  • To the other player (the one who did the killing), it seems as if the now dead player was active, moving, and possibly prepping an attack.

Why Players Blackscreen Kill

The first person to engage in a PVP battle has the advantage.

  • No player in their right mind is going to wait to be hit by another player before attempting a kill. This is just survival.
  • Yes, it sucks when it happens to you. Do your best to think of it as a convenient teleport to the nearest graveyard.

We have suggested a teleport safe-zone fix for this issue. Please upvote it here: Teleport Pillar Safe-Zone Please

PVP Bonus

Enabling Overworld PVP gives players a 10% xp bonus to all activities they do with it enabled.

  • If players want to be able to use this bonus for missions or quests they must have it enabled the whole time. From mission/quest pickup to drop off.
  • If they turn PVP off for any reason (at any time) before handing in a quest or mission, they will lose the 10% PVP boost.

Item Loss On Death

PVP players should only carry items in their bag that they are alright with losing on death.

  • They will be killed by other players while in the overworld and lose everything tradable in their bag.
    • This can also happen when dying to an enemy NPC, if another PVP player happens upon the bag and takes it.
  • If players kill each other it is ok and expected for the winner to take any dropped loot bag(s).

Item Types

These are the items that you can/cannot lose on death.

You Cannot Lose You Can Lose
  • Anything equipped on your character
  • Armour
  • Weapons
  • Rings
  • Soulbound items
  • Soulbound pets
  • Dungeon shards
  • Some transmogs
  • Currently equipped dragon
  • Raid tokens
  • Dragons (if unequipped)
  • Runemage reagents
  • Equipment shards (green, blue, purple, gold)
  • Potions (if unequipped)
  • World drops
  • Harvestable resources
  • Trickster tokens
  • Goblin tokens
  • Some transmogs
  • Some furniture
  • Crated items

The Trickster Goblin

Every 4 hours, a Trickster Goblin spawns in; Wastelands, Lamavora, Hulthines Basin, or the Rainforest.

The Goblin can only be killed by players who have PVP turned on and on its death, drops 1-2 tokens (in a chest).

  • While PVE players (white-names) can attack the goblin, their attacks do 0 damage.
  • The Goblin can attack, and damage all players (in and out of PVP).

These tokens can be used in the Goblin shop to buy PVP exclusive dyes, transmogs, camera, & mount.

If no player has killed the goblin within 1 hour of it spawning in, it despawns (and a message is broadcasted to all players currently in the zone it spawned in).

Goblin Timer(s)

  • Players get a notification 5 minutes before the Goblin spawns, stating where it will be.
  • For after the Goblin is killed, any player carrying its token(s) in their inventory, if attempting to logout must wait 10 minutes.
    • Dropping the tokens in a players guild or home chest removes the timer.
  • After a set period of time, the timer for log out (if in a safe-zone) changes back to the usual 30 seconds.

Goblin Safe-Zones

If a player has the token(s) in their possession. The only safe-zones they are truly safe in are:

  • Highsteppe City
  • Raids
  • Dungeons

Goblin Unsafe-Zones

There is nowhere safe for the player carrying the goblin tokens (aside from those listed above).

If in any other safe-zones:

  • The player carrying the tokens(s) cannot damage other players with attacks.
  • Other players can damage (and kill) the player with the token(s).

Goblin unsafe-zones, just mean the player with the token(s) is an easy kill.

Goblin Teleporting

Players cannot teleport at all in the overworld (even in safe-zones or using a teleport pillar) while carrying the goblin token(s).

  • Going to the island with a token counts as a zone change, however, getting off the island counts as a teleport.

Spawn Killing

Here is what players can do if being spawn killed:

  1. Use their teleport-cookie to go back to their player house.
    1. Pick up some new runemage reagents.
    2. Go to a different zone and do something else.
  2. Turn off PVP in the graveyard and continue on with what they are doing.
    1. For 30 seconds after death in the overworld (while in a safe-zone), players can disable PVP.
  3. Join the dungeon queue, do a dungeon.
    1. When they are done, the other players should be gone.
  4. While in a safe-zone (graveyard), use the enter raid button.
    1. Go to a different zone and do something else.
  5. Leave the graveyard, in a direction away from the players killing them.
    1. They can also put on a pally hammer and pally-port away more quickly.
  6. Keep going back and fighting (in a good natured way).
    1. Ask the players killing them for PVP advice on how to get better.
  7. Log out and take a break from the game.

As odd as #6 may sound, it can be a good way to make friends.

"Going back and continuing the fight while (happily and nicely) asking for advice, (despite being killed over and over) is how I made some of my first friends in Orbus." ~ Pherosis


Safe-zones are places where players attacks do no damage to each other.

  • NPC's can still damage players in those zones.

Safe-Zone Locations

  • Graveyards
  • Highsteppe City (including the edge of nowhere)
  • The area right outside Highsteppe City
  • Dungeons
  • Raids

PVP Resource Nodes

When players have PVP turned on, there is always 1 extra harvestable PVP node.

This works for:

  • Ore
  • Harvestable Herbs

There are no confirmed PVP Critter Capture nodes.

PVP Glitching

All of the below can lead to an account ban:

  • Picking up loot bags while dead.
  • Hiding in walls to kill players.
  • Using lag throttle programs.
  • Duplicating items.
  • Using immortality/invisibility bugs.
    • Invisibility potions are fine.
      • If a player hits or is hit by another player while using invisibility potions the invisibility drops.
      • If a player hits or is hit by another player while using invisibility potions the invisibility stays, they are glitched.
    • Hard closing the game and relogging fixes this.
  • Using PVP to harass players.
  • Toxic behavior in PVP.
    • The last 2 are more of a personality glitch; can still get players banned though.

Player Reputation

Orbus has a very small community.

The reputation you build for yourself in PvP matters and will follow you through every aspect of this game.

Build a good one.