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PvP Etiquette

"Going back and continuing the fight while (happily and nicely) asking for advice, despite being killed over and over, is how I made some of my first friends in Orbus." ~ Pherosis

VR PvP is a very different experience than PvP in any flat-screen game. This difference can be awesome, as it feels like you are really there. At the same time your deaths can feel much more personal.

If you love the thrill that comes with real human on human combat and can handle being on the losing side of that combat, PvP is for you. If you find yourself getting upset by being killed by other players, PvE is for you, let PvP go.

  • Killing other players in PvP is okay, but also expect to be killed.
  • Do not use glitches to gain advantages in PvP. Doing that can get your account suspended or banned. If you find yourself desynched or invisible, fix it before resuming combat if possible.
  • Only carry items that you are okay with losing. The items you dropped now belong to the person that picked them up.
  • If you find yourself getting killed repeatedly (and/or trapped at the graveyard by other players) and become frustrated, remember that you always have options:
    • Turn off PvP at the graveyard.
    • Go somewhere else. Leave in a different direction (use a Paladin to get away faster), return to the city by using your home teleporter or entering the Citadel raid and leaving via the portal, or pick up some new reagents and go to a different zone.
    • Enter a dungeon queue. They'll probably be gone when you come back.
    • Keep fighting (in a good natured way), ask them for advice on how to get better.
    • Log out and take a break.
  • Orbus has a very small community. The reputation you build for yourself in PvP matters and will follow you through every aspect of this game. Build a good one.

Overworld PvP

When Overworld PvP is enabled, you are able to kill and be killed by other players that also have PvP enabled. Players that have Overworld PvP enabled have a red player name, their level is changed for a strength indicator like for monsters, and have a red glow to them (only visible if you have PvP enabled too).

  • Overworld PvP is disabled by default, and can be turned on or off in the General Settings while inside of Highsteppe City or the player house.
  • PvP can also be turned off in a safe zone for 30 seconds after dying in PvP and respawning.

Risks and Rewards

  • If you die in PvP (even when killed by a monster), you will drop all tradable items, but you can kill other players for their items too. These backpack loot bags can only be picked up by players that also have Overworld PvP enabled.
    • You cannot lose items that are equipped.
    • Tradable items that can be lost include reagents, harvestables, fish, dragons (unless equipped), potions (unless equipped), crated items, tradable transmogs, equipment shards, etc.
    • Be aware that world drops are tradable items.
  • You can't immediately log out. You have to wait for 30 seconds after pressing the log out button until the game takes you back to the character selection screen. Force-closing the game will leave your character in the game world for that period of time, during which you can still be killed.
  • More resource nodes appear.
  • 10% extra experience points for everything you do.
    • You can get the bonus XP on mission and quest rewards, if you stay in PvP from accepting it until turning it in (disabling PvP at any time will cause you to not get the bonus).
  • Only players in PvP mode can join the Trickster Goblin world event.
  • While outside of safezones, you can't use a runemage teleport, can't enter the Citadel Raid via the menu, or use a home teleporter.


While inside a safezone, you can't be killed by other players (but you may still be killed by monsters). Safe zones are located at:

  • Inside of Highsteppe City (including Tavern and Edge of Nowhere)
  • Teleport Pillars
  • Graveyards
  • The area around Highsteppe City

Note that you can still be killed in safezones if you have a Trickster Goblin Token on you.

Raids and dungeons are not true PvP safe zones, as entering a dungeon or raid completely turns off Overworld PvP temporarily. The experience boost for missions is not lost by doing this.

Trickster Goblin

→ Main Page: Trickster Goblin

Every 4 hours, a Trickster Goblin spawns anywhere in either Wastelands, Lamavora, Hulthine's Basin, or the Rainforest.

The Goblin can only be killed by players who have Overworld PvP turned on and on its death, drops 1-2 tokens (in a chest). The tokens have to be carried back to the city, and can be used in the Goblin shop to buy exclusive dyes, transmogs, a camera, and a mount.

Once a player picks up the Trickster Goblin Tokens, they can be killed even in safe zones (excluding Highsteppe City, Dungeons, and Raids), are unable to use teleport pillars or the teleport spell, can't use invisbility potions, and their logout timer gets increased to 10 minutes.

PvP Battlegrounds

→ Main Page: Battlegrounds

In Battlegrounds, eight players compete for map dominance in a game of Capture The Flag. Upon joining, you will be randomly assigned to either the Gold or Blue team. You and your teammates must fight the opposing players to maintain your team's flag on each of the outposts. For each outpost held, your team will score a certain number of points per second and the first team to get 1000 points wins the battle.

  • Your inventory is cleared of all items except armor, weapons and your mount. Once the game is over, your items will be returned.
  • All classes will be scaled to level 30+0, including armor and weapons.
  • Higher-level talents are unlocked for the duration of the game. Choose them at the beginning of every match if you haven't reached level 30 yet.
  • Marlowe's PvP missions stack very well and many can be completed at once.
  • You can queue up in a party of 2. The two of you will be guaranteed to be in the same team.


  • Quest render distance is shorter than on PC.
    • This can cause enemy runemage spells to become invisible if cast out of render distance.
    • Quest users only see blue orbs in place of players at a certain distance and, in Battlegrounds, have no way of telling which team the player belongs to.
  • There are desync-on-death issues that require a soft or sometimes even a hard relog to fix.

Glitching in PvP

Orbus Exclamation.png Abusing glitches in PvP can get you reported and can result in your account being suspended or banned.

OrbusVR has its little issues that can cause problems, especially in PvP (invisibility, desynched position, and others). Abusing these on purpose to get an advantage can get you reported and can lead to a temporary or permanent account ban.

There are desync-on-death issues that require a soft or sometimes even a hard relog to fix. If someone tells you that you're invisible or desynched, fix it before resuming combat if possible.

All of the below are bannable offenses:

  • Picking up loot bags while dead.
  • Hiding in walls to kill players.
  • Abusing immortality/invisibility bugs. Invisibility potions are fine.
    • If a player hits or is hit by another player while using invisibility potions, the invisibility drops. If the invisibility stays, they are glitched. Hard closing the game and relogging fixes this.
  • Personality glitches like toxic behavior in PvP, and using PvP to harass players.

Further Notes

  • Players in PvP count as mobs, and have their own loot table. They can drop reagents, cloth scraps, crated treasure maps, and on very rare occasions, even legendary overworld drops.

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