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Map of Patreayl
Orbus-Overworld-Map.pngWastelandsHulthine's BasinLamavora BattlefieldsHighsteppeHighsteppe CityFlooded Rainforest
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Areas[edit | hide | hide all]

Main Overworld[edit | hide]

Other Areas[edit | hide]

Secrets of Mugwood[edit | hide]

The areas of the Secrets of Mugwood mini story pack can only be accessed by using the Micronizer in the appropriate places.

Navigating[edit | hide]

You can pull up a map of the world or the current zone by selecting the globe below your XP bar. Points of interest are highlighted, and clicking on one will create a white pillar of light at that location.

Your compass also shows all these locations with small arrow indicators, as well as the locations of the players in your party.

Traveling[edit | hide]

The game provides players with a handful of ways to get around the overworld quicker:

  • Mounts: Faster movement speed. Can be bought very early in the game from Darius.
  • Teleportation Device: Tool that teleports the player to their Player House from anywhere in the world. Cooldown of 25 minutes.
  • Teleport Pillars: Quick-Travel points (usually 3 per zone), using them consumes a Runemage Reagent from the player's inventory.
  • Teleport Ritual: a teleport orb can be spawned by a Runemage by casting a ritual, which can teleport multiple people to one of six teleport pillars. Only consumes a Reagent of the Runemage casting the ritual.

Orbus Community Resources[edit | hide]