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There is currently no in-game option to change your character's name or add a surname, but you can send an email to the developers asking for a name change.

Changes to your Character Name

  • All names are case and spacing sensitive.
  • You need to use the same email you use for your steam/oculus account for sending the mail.
  • It can take a few weeks to get it done (after approval).

Name Change

This is a template for an email you can use to ask for a name change.

Email Form: Name Change

  • Email:
  • Subject: Character Name Change
  • Email Body:
    Would it be possible to change my character's name [YOUR CURRENT NAME] to:
    Name: [DESIRED NAME]
    For verification, my account email is: [YOUR EMAIL]
    Reason for name change: [YOUR REASON HERE]


Once you hit level 30, you can also ask the developers for a surname for that character. The name you want must be either not currently in use, or you have to gain permission from the player who has that last name to use it (they also have to send an email stating that they are okay with you also using the last name).

Email Form: Surname

  • Email:
  • Subject: Character Last Name Request
  • Email Body:
    Would it be possible to have the last name below applied to my character [YOUR CHARACTERS NAME]:
    Last Name: [DESIRED LAST NAME]
    For verification, my account email is: [YOUR EMAIL]


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Choosing a title.

You can earn titles by completing quests, gaining honor, getting prestige with any of the mission vendors, or completing other objectives.

If you like, you can choose to wear any of your titles above your name by using the Choose Title tab in your inventory, and then pick the one you would like displayed above your name.

Title Acquisition
Guild City Liberator Complete the Guild City Hard Mode Raid
Enraged Complete the Citadel Hard Mode Raid