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Stats are the numbers that determine a player's attack power and resistance against incoming damage, as well as other combat- and non-combat-related effects.

Basic Stats

  • Armor: Incoming damage reduction from your armor
  • Attack: Base damage of your weapon
  • Vitality: Increases maximum health
  • Defense: Incoming damage reduction
  • Intellect: Increases damage of magical attacks (and amount of healing done) by 1% per 30 points
    Attacks affected:
    • Paladin: Hammer of Retribution, all healing
    • Warrior: combo effects, Provoke healing
    • Scoundrel: card effects
    • Ranger: special arrows
    • Runemage: damage of all spells
    • Shaman: damage of all totems
    • Bard: all instruments
    • Musketeer: all orbs
  • Strength: Increases damage of physical attacks by 1% per 30 points and makes it easier to reel fish in
    Attacks affected:
    • Warrior: basic swings
    • Paladin: basic attacks
    • Scoundrel: base bullet damage
    • Ranger: base arrow damage
    • Musketeer: base bullet damage
    • Bard: Mallet Throw
    • Runemage: nothing
    • Shaman: nothing
  • Regen: Increases health regeneration (Health Bracer)
  • Critical: Increases chance to critically strike by 1% per 15 points
  • Wisdom: Increases the speed at which your Super Ability charges by 1% per 15 points
  • Speed: Increases movement speed
  • Luck: Increases chance to drop items

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