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Models: jordaNN and Smile


Spells work better when cast using your right hand, this is true even if you are naturally left-handed.

Gear Enchancments

Suggested Mage Rune TileSets

Best Armour Affixes

+% Projectile Damage

+% Crit Damage

(You can temporarily settle for +% Crit Chance instead of +% Crit Damage, but Crit Damage is still slightly better with a Powered Strikes potion on)

Best Ring Affixes

Both rings "Scavenged Ring" +35 Critical Strike from Wolfie. See also how to infuse rings.

One of your rings: Empowered

The other ring: Elite Hunter

Best Weapon Affixes

Bleed (rotation or fire mage)

Ice Heart (rotation or fire mage)

  • If you are a fire mage, you will need to cast frost occasionally for this to be the best for you.

Charged Strikes (fire mage only)


Affinity DoT
Lend a Hand: Your spells now follow the direction of your off-hand rather than your wand tip. Static Charge: Your successful spell casts cause a static charge to build on your off-hand, which you can unleash with the trigger button for a (small) burst of damage.
  • This talent is mostly useless.
Selfish Streak: Gain a 8% damage boost for yourself after casting 3 spells in a row without popping.
  • This talent overrides Shared Streak (and is the best one to use).
Shared Streak: Gain a 4% damage boost for yourself and your nearby allies after casting 3 spells in a row without popping.
  • This talent overrides Selfish Streak (only use if there are at-least 3 non-mage dps for every mage dps in the surrounding).
Runic Diversity: Casting 3 spells in a row from different runic types, increases the damage of the third spell by 27.2727%.
  • Yes, we know it only says 20% in the book... think of the book more like a guideline...
Runic Speed: Increases the speed of your higher-level spells by 20%.
  • This talent is broken (and has been since the beginning of Reborn).
Affinity: Your Fire, Frost, and Affliction spells now grant a series of additional buffs and debuffs.
  • Affliction: Spawns weakness stacks on target making them take 5% more damage for 4 seconds from all sources. Stacks up to 2x. Those two weakness stacks are shared between all mages and scoundrel. a.k.a. max 2 stacks on an enemy.
  • Frost: When target is hit by your spell, you get a buff (that will be used up once a DoT starts to affect the target). If the DoT applied is an Affliction (the only mage DoT), the dot is buffed from 12 ticks to 15 ticks.
  • Fire: Grants a buff, the next spell cast (and released from your wand) does 13.6% more damage. In the case of DoT spells it only boosts the damage of the initial hit, the DoT ticks stay at their normal amount.
True Affliction: Your Frost and Fireball spells gain a DoT effect, and your Arcane Explosion now spreads DoTs between targets.
  • Can not stack since Reborn. (So only 1 fire + 1 frost + 1 affliction DoT will be spread)
Triplicity: Cast a two part ritual spell that casts two extra spells each time you cast for 8 seconds.
  • This is only castable every 15 successful spell casts.
  • The base spell (the duplicates are made from) always casts for 100% of it's damage, however the extra 2 spells will interfere with your tilesets.
  • The additional spells granted have diminishing returns, only the first 5 spells cast do maximum damage (on all 3 spells). After that, the damage for each spell cast is reduced by xyz% as seen below:
1-5 = 100% (base spell) + 66% total talent damage (33% per extra spell)
6 = 100% (base spell) + 32% total talent damage (16% per extra spell)
7 = 100% (base spell) + 16% total talent damage (8% per extra spell)
8 = 100% (base spell) + 12% total talent damage (6% per extra spell)
9+ = 100% (base spell) + 8% total talent damage (4% per extra spell)
Contaminate: Cast a two part ritual spell that increases the duration of DoTs effects on targets that are affected by your contamination spell by 50%.
  • This is only castable every 15 successful spell casts.
  • Normal Affliction DoTs would last for 18 ticks.
  • Affinity Frost buffed Affliction DoTs last for 21 ticks.

Suggested Talent Builds

Lend a Hand (or leave that row unselected if you would rather direct spells with your wand), Selfish Streak, Runic Diversity, Affinity, Triplicity

Talent Note

The DoT talents have been nerfed to the point of making them essentially useless, we suggest you avoid choosing any of them (save for perhaps Contaminate).

Perfect Spell Casting

  • The most perfect cast would be 20% better dps wise than the ugliest cast.
  • When you see the perfect effect it can be 10% to 20% better than the ugliest cast. So it starts showing that 'perfect' animation at a 10% boost.
Failed Cast = 0% damage
Normal Cast = 100%-110% base spell damage
Perfect Cast = 110%-120% base spell damage