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Types of Mages[edit | hide | hide all]

There are three primary techniques used for maximizing a Runemage's DPS. Each has their pros and cons.

  • Frost/Fire Mages cast a lot of Greater Fireball (Fireball 2), and use Greater Frost (Frost 2) to keep up the Frozen debuff and medium speed tilesets up.

  • Fire Mages cast Greater Fireball (Fireball 2) at a minimum of 2.2 Fireballs a second as their whole rotation. A subset of this technique also includes having a musketeer or bard to proc healing tiles.

  • Rotation Mages typically cast Fireball (Fireball 2), Greater Frost (Frost 2), and Greater Affliction (Affliction 2) in a rotation.
Technique Pros Cons
Frost/Fire Mage Higher DPS at lower casting speeds compared to the Fire Mage. The DPS ceiling for this technique is the lowest of all three.
Fire Mage DPS higher than Frost/Fire Spam Mage at 2.2 spells per second.
Isn't affected by other party mages' techniques.
Destroys controllers.
Requires at least 2.2 Fireballs per second OR a dedicated healer.
Rotation Mage Highest DPS and increases DPS of all party members. There can only be one Rotation mage per party because they overwrite each other's Affliction debuff.
Tilesets Requires Theoretical Max DPS with a 30+7
Flurry 5 to 8 Fireballs in Triplicity 31K - 39K
Frostling 10 to 17 Fireballs in Triplicity 62K - 89K
Pure Fire 17 to 20 Fireballs in Triplicity 89K - 119K
Blazing Inferno 21 to 22 Fireballs in Triplicity 120K - 120K
God of Fire 17 to 27+ Fireballs in Triplicity 150K - 155K
Healing Scorch 12 to 34 Fireballs in Triplicity 66K - 193K
Bartarded Flame 12 to 18 Fireballs in Triplicity 70K - 106K
Phantom Burn 12 to 19 Fireballs in Triplicity,
4 to 8 Afflictions in Triplicity
62K - 126K
Shadow Fire 20+ Fireballs in Triplicity,
4 to 8 Afflictions in Triplicity
108K - 162K
Darkling 17 to 19 Fireballs int Triplicity,
8+ Afflictions in Triplicity
110K - 137K
Dread Mage 20+ Fireballs in Triplicity,
8+ Afflictions in Triplicity
128K - 174K