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Polymorph rune
The chicken.

Polymorph is a spell that turns a single non-elite, non-boss enemy into a harmless chicken for a while and is useful on large enemy groups to thin them out temporarily, or take especially troublesome enemies out of the fight for a while.

  • The chicken will transform back if hit by any damaging attack or after a short period of time.
    • There are diminishing returns on the transformation time - casting Polymorph multiple times on the same enemy will shorten the time of the transformation with each spell, until the enemy doesn't transform at all.
  • After the enemy transforms back, they will be at full health again.
  • Only one enemy can be polymorphed by each mage.
    • If two enemies are hit with Triplicity-Polymorph at the exact same time, multiple enemies can be transformed at once by a single mage.
  • Polymorphing an enemy won't remove any buffs or statuses, but it will stop them from getting new ones (useful in Vindictive shards).


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