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Pushback spells don't do much damage, but are able to push back non-elite and non-boss enemies, creating a bit of distance between them and the player. There are diminishing returns on the pushback distance; after the third pushback on the same enemy, there won't be any noticable knockback anymore.

Pushback spells stun for a very short amount of time, and are able to interrupt certain enemy attacks because of that.


Pushback rune

A green projectile that deals a bit of damage to a single enemy and pushes them back. Acts as the mage's interrupt.


Shortcut Shortcut Name Gif/Video Creator
76 Pushback1-76-casting.gif ?
Taurus Pushback1-taurus-casting.gif Espiticus

Greater Pushback

Pushback 2 rune

A green spell that explodes at the tip of the wand, dealing a tiny bit of damage and pushing away all enemies nearby. Acts as the mage's interrupt.

Despite the spell not being a projectile, the AoE is quite large, and can knock back and interrupt enemies from some distance away.

Like the high-level Fireball and Frostbolt spells, Greater Pushback has a 3D component to it, and is considered one of the trickier spells to perform.


Any Pushback shortcut can be used for the middle part of the spell.

Shortcut Shortcut Name Gif/Video
One Stroke Pushback2-onestroke-casting.gif

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