Teleport (Spell)

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The Teleport spell is a three-part ritual used to create a portal to one of six of the 16 Teleport Pillars.

Performing this ritual will consume a Runemage Reagent and create a blue orb that can be used by any player to teleport to the specified location by holding it up to their face. It will disappear after a minute. Using this teleport orb will not consume any further Reagents.

Teleport Locations

Teleport chart by Vasilia

The Teleport ritual always starts with the teleport initiation rune, followed by two runes that specify the target location.

Spell Pillar Runes
Fellowship Court (Highsteppe City)
Hidden Garden (Highsteppe)
Nomad's Hut (Flooded Rainforest)
Vulcan's Point (Lamavora Battlefields)
Flying High (Hulthine's Basin)
Cut Throat Forest (Wastelands)


Like other spells, there are variations for the teleport initiation as well as the location specifier runes:

Rune Shortcuts
Any Greater Frostbolt shortcut.

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