Triplicity and Contamination

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Runes for Triplicity and Contamination

The Triplicity/Contamination spell is a two-part ritual spell that is only castable at level 30. It casts either Triplicty or Contamination, depending on your level 30 talent.

This ritual can only be used after successfully casting 15 spells, indicated by the blue "casts" bar over your health bar.


For 8 seconds, two purple lights appear next to the Runemage's head, which will spawn two weaker versions of most spells that are cast in that timeframe.

Ray-type spells like Arcane Ray and Ice Lance, as well as Affliction spells can not be duplicated by Triplicity. The two extra Decurse and Mana Shield spells will hit the Runemage's own head unless they walk backwards while casting.

There are diminishing returns on the power of the extra spells after the 5th cast, the more spells you cast while Triplicity is active the weaker the extra spells will become:

Spell Damage per extra spell Total damage
1-5 33% 166%
6 16% 132%
7 8% 116%
8 6% 112%
9+ 4% 108%

Triplicity can increase the damage output of the mage dramatically if the ritual is cast quickly or at the start of combat.


Contamination spell.

Creates a large green-black projectile that explodes on impact, applying a debuff to nearby enemies that increases the duration of DoT effects of all Runemages applied to the enemy by 50%.

Contamination does not boost the DoTs of other classes (for example, Poison of Scoundrel and Ranger is unaffected by Contamination).


The first part of the ritual is the same as the first part of Resurrection, and any of those shortcuts can be used instead.

The second part is the same as Polymorph, and any shortcut that works for Polymorph can be used, but it is a lot more forgiving.

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