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Type Damage
Armor Leather
Weapon Bow
Equipment Arrows

The Ranger is a damage class in OrbusVR. Armed with a bow and a variety of specialty arrows, the most powerful Rangers can hit targets from great distances, fire multiple arrows at once, and possess deadly accuracy.

Weapon Interface


Shooting Arrows

Pressing the trigger near the bow string will create a normal arrow. Once the trigger is released, the arrow flies off with a curved trajectory that depends on pull distance and angle.

  • The height of the trajectory has an effect on arrow travel time - arrows shot with a high curve arrive at their target later than low curves which make the arrow travel almost in a straight line. This is used for the Travel Time Manipulation build of the Precision Ranger.

Charged Arrows

By pulling the arrow back all the way and holding it there for 2 seconds, a Ranger can use a Charged Shot, which will deal more damage than a normal arrow (540% of the damage of a normal arrow), and can interrupt certain abilities of the enemy.

  • A Charged Shot will create an additional weak point on an enemy where it strikes.
  • Also applies the "Hunter's Mark" status effect on an enemy, increasing damage from all sources.
  • The Rapid Charge talent decreases the charge time to 1 second.
  • This ability interrupts after dealing damage. If a charged arrow is used to interrupt the Link Shield ability of a Tear Caster, the damage will be blocked by the shield.


The five (or six) orbs to the right of the bow fill up if you get a hit from far away. How many orbs fill up depends on the Shot Rating, which in turn depends on the size of the enemy and distance to it.

  • 50-100: 1 globe
  • 101-150: 2 globes
  • 151+: 3 globes (requires Globe Master talent)

For each globe filled, you gain a 10% increase in damage. If missing or if too close, you'll lose globes.

Weak Spots

Weak spots.

Hitting the red weak points that appear in an enemy will increase the damage of that arrow.

  • Weak spots spawn on the enemy every few seconds and disappear on hit or after some time.
  • If a Charged Shot hits, a second weak point appears where the arrow impacted.

The damage increase depends on your talents, and gets increased by a factor of 1.65 when the arrow is charged:

  • Base: 20% normal, 33% charged
  • Needler: 35% normal, 57.75% charged
  • Critical Aim: 50% normal, 82.5% charged

Special Arrows

A Ranger has access to five different special arrows, two of which can be equipped at a time.

Charging a special arrow will empower them, having their damage increased or the effect lasting 50% longer.

Icon Name Effect
Piercing-Arrow.png Piercing Arrow Does 350% of the damage of a normal arrow.
Poison-Arrow.png Poison Arrow Inflicts a poison DoT effect on the enemy.
Fire-Arrow.png Fire Rain Arrow Summons a rain of fire where it strikes, dealing DoT to any enemy in the area for 6 seconds.
Darkness-Arrow.png Darkness Arrow Creates a black cloud of smoke where it strikes.
Spread-Arrow.png Spread Arrow Fires five arrows instead of one to hit multiple targets.


The trap that appears on your left shoulder can be placed on the ground, and will interrupt and hold an enemy in place for a few seconds or until damaged.

  • The time it takes for the trap to respawn on your shoulder is indicated by a cooldown next to your bow.

Super Ability

The Ranger's Super ability instantly refreshes all special arrows and increases damage by about 80% for a few seconds, and can be activated by pressing both triggers once the yellow Super bar is full.

You build up charge by hitting enemies with your arrows, and more quickly if chaining together hits without missing, hitting targets from far away, and using Special Arrows.

  • The Ranger Super increases the damage output so much that it's worth building Wisdom for it. All of the following boosts to Wisdom combined will allow you to build up your super 84% faster.
    • Bracer of Wisdom
    • Rings with a boost to Wisdom (Chaotic Signet, or The One with Chaotic Signet infused)
    • Super Charger Potion
    • Ask your Bard to use their Instrument of Inspiration
    • Super Charge Rate armor affixes


Precision Rapidity
Precision: Unlocks a bar which allows you to carefully aim and time you shots for greater damage. Rapidity: Unlocks a bar the fills as shots are fired quickly, doing additional damage as it fills.
Improved Charge: Your Charged Shot now applies a Slow to the target in addition to your Hunter's Mark. Rapid Charge: Your Charged Shot now charges in 1 second instead of 2 seconds.
Arrow Sight: The trails of your arrows last much longer than usual, and shots from greater than 30 meters gain a damage boost. Multishot: Every time you fire an arrow, you have a chance for your arrow to become empowered and deal additional base damage.
Globe Master: Gain a 6th globe which you can fill, and you can generate up to 3 globes at once when firing at long distances. Overcharge: When you do a Charged Shot, gain additional damage for each currently-filled globe, using up the globes in the process.
Critical Aim: Critical Spots become larger. Hitting a critical spot from greater than 30 meters gains a damage boost. Needler: Passive critical spots appear more frequently. Hitting a critical spot quickly gains a damage boost.
  • Precision: A small vibration in your weapon-side controller gives you an indication when to shoot.
  • Rapidity: The number of hits is capped at 3 per second, any arrow fired after that will do 1 damage.

End-Game Builds

→ Main Page: Ranger/Tilesets

The level 5 talents Precision and Rapidity lead to very different styles of Ranger play, with Precision Rangers doing deliberate, carefully aimed shots, while Rapidity Rangers fire arrows very quickly. Both of these builds hit high numbers, and are both viable in end-game content.

Depending on the distance at where the Ranger likes to stand, there are 15m and 30m sub-builds for each of the main builds.

Precision Ranger

Precision locks you into shooting at a rate of one arrow every 0.8-1.0 seconds. The DPS of Precision rangers comes from timing, accuracy, and an efficient arrow rotation.


  • Precision
  • Rapid Charge
  • Arrow Sight (30m) or Multishot (15m)
  • Globe Master
  • Critical Aim (30m) or Needler (15m)


  • Piercing Arrow
  • Poison Arrow

Rapidity Ranger

Rapidity requires you to shoot about 3 arrows a second to keep the Rapidity bar filled.


  • Rapidity
  • Rapid Charge
  • Arrow Sight (30m) or Multishot (15m)
  • Globe Master
  • Critical Aim (30m) or Needler (15m)


  • Piercing Arrow
  • Poison Arrow

Gear Enhancements


  • Crit Damage
  • Projectile Damage
  • Super Charge Rate


  • Empowered
  • Elite Hunter


  • Bleed is the preferred damage affix
  • Charged Strikes as a secondary damage affix
  • Iceheart as a secondary damage affix if playing with a mage who casts Frost


  • Wisdom Bracer

Tips and Tricks

  • Abuse the hell out of your Super Ability.
  • Don't force the 30 meter distance if mechanics require you to stay closer. Switch to a 15 meter build, or be okay with not getting your distance boost - it's better than dying.

Further Resources

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