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Time Manipulation Ranger Explained

So tell me, what is different about the manipulation ranger? It is all about tilesets. The rotation is actually almost the same. But the tilesets used are not.

What Is Different

The following:

A ranger arrow has a travel time, when you shoot the arrow more in a curve, it takes more time to hit the target. This is btw not true for Scoundrel. By making use of this fact the ranger can manipulate the timing that the arrows hit their target.
The rotation points change as follows:
a = Is a curved charged arrow causing the arrow to hit over 2 seconds later than the previous arrow. But with only 2 globes up.
A = Is the same but with all 6 globes up.
b = is the after effect of a curved arrow making the next arrow hit the target relatively faster. A 0.92 arrow is used to lower the accidental 3 hits per second tiles triggering. (charged piercing counting as 2 hits per second, and that extra arrow being the third)
c = Is a curved 0.92 arrow causing it to be over 1+ second and triggering another tile on purpose.
d = Is the after effect of the ‘c’ arrow with only 0.8 seconds (done on purpose to trigger 2 hits per second tile faster)

What Is Happening

  • The charged arrows in the rotation are curved to make them 2+ seconds triggering a different tile.
  • The arrow after this is not curved, so hits the target relatively faster.
  • The next arrow is just a normal arrow.
  • Then another curve is done on a normal arrow to make the time go above 1+ second to trigger another tile that otherwise doesn’t reliably trigger.
  • The arrow after is hitting the target also relatively faster but this is desired to trigger the 2 hits per second tile earlier.
  • Then we continue with the normal arrows.
  • But we did move the poison to the 7th normal arrow right before piercing which is better for the tilesets dps boosting.

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