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Model: Pherosis

Gear Enchancments[edit | hide | hide all]

Suggested Scoundrel Rune Tilesets[edit | hide]

Best Armour Affixes[edit | hide]

+% Crit Damage

+% Projectile Damage

Best Ring Affixes[edit | hide]

Both rings "Scavenged Ring" +35 Critical Strike from Wolfie. See also How to infuse rings.

One of your rings: Empowered

The other ring: Elite Hunter

Best Weapon Affixes[edit | hide]


Ice Heart

Talents[edit | hide]

Glass Cannon Safety First
Full Chamber: When firing a bullet from a fully-loaded gun, your shot has a 10% additional chance to critically strike.
  • This only works when your blue bar is completely full, nothing else counts as a 'fully-loaded' gun.
Slow Burn: Your card buffs last for an additional 2 seconds.
  • This only works for DoT effects (sooo, just your poison card really).
Stack The Deck: Your card deck now contains 7 cards, two of which are the Card of Flames.
  • When using this talent, the first card on the deck is always the extra Card of Flames.
  • Your deck only refreshes when you: run out of cards, change zones, switch classes, first enter a raid/dungeon/battleground, resurrect, or relog.
Quick Draw: Your card deck regenerates 10% more quickly.
On The Line: Your damage buff from level 3 and higher ranks of Showin' Off is increased by 25%, while your damage from ranks 2 and lower is decreased by 25%. Easy Mode: All rank 1 Showin' Off shots are upgraded to rank 2 regardless of distance or curve.
One Basket: Your gun can now charge up to 4 bullets at a time. Break Shot: Shooting a 3-bullet charged shot now applies the Break Armor debuff to the target, increasing incoming damage from all sources by 8%.
  • Yes, we are aware that it only says 5% in the book... think of the book more like a guideline...
True Gambler: Your critical hits add a buff to yourself which increases your critical strike chance by 10%, but increases incoming damage to you by 10% as well.
  • This can stack 5 times, giving you up to 50% more critical strike chance.
  • This also means incoming damage to you can be increase by 50% as well (we highly recommend you avoid getting hit... by anything).
Guaranteed Win: Every 6th shot is a guaranteed critical strike.

Suggested Talent Builds[edit | hide]

Slow Burn, Quick Draw, On The Line, Break Shot, True Gambler

Talent Note[edit | hide]

  • You may need to switch out True Gambler on Boss 3 of the HM Citadel Raid, as the chance for getting one-shot by a Sky Orb is very (veeeeery) high if you are running that talent. Overall it is the better talent to run though.

Scott's Video Guide to Min/Maxing[edit | hide]