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Model: Pherosis

Gear Enchancments[edit | hide | hide all]

Suggested Shaman Rune Tilesets[edit | hide]

Best Armour Affixes[edit | hide]

+% Crit Damage

+% Projectile Damage

Best Ring Affixes[edit | hide]

Both rings "Scavenged Ring" +35 Critical Strike from Wolfie. See also How to infuse rings.

One of your rings: Empowered

The other ring: Elite Hunter

Best Weapon Affixes[edit | hide]


Ice Heart (you need to have a mage who uses frost regularly in your party to have this be the best for you [using the frost totem yourself lowers your DPS).

Charged Strikes

Talents[edit | hide]

DPS Me Baby For The Memes
Stunning: Your stun lasts less time, but does increased damage. Stay Put: Double the duration of your stun.
Fire Consumes: Fireball will apply a DoT to weakened enemies. Blazing Speed: The shaman's base speed is increased at all times.
Reach: You can interact with totem orbs from greater distances. Longevity: Totems last longer before despawning.
Strikes Twice: When you lightning orb crits it instantly respawns on your totem. Totemic Call: Once every 10 seconds you can point to a placed totem and teleport to it. If you teleport at least 4 meters, for a short period after teleporting all your damage is increased.
All In: The first orb generated by a totem is guaranteed to crit. Summon Orb: Summon an orb to your hand by making a fist. 20 unit distance limit (30 with reach).

Suggested Talent Builds[edit | hide]

Min/Max[edit | hide]

Stunning, Fire Consumes, Reach, Strikes Twice, All In

For Funzies (Kiss Your DPS Goodbye)[edit | hide]

Stay Put, Blazing Speed, Longevity, Totemic Call, Summon Orb