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Model: Pherosis

Gear Enchancments[edit | hide | hide all]

Suggested Musketeer Rune Tilesets[edit | hide]

Best Armour Affixes[edit | hide]

+% Crit Damage

+% Crit Chance

Best Weapon Affixes[edit | hide]

See: Affixes for more details.

  • Unbending: Improved survivability (you can't heal when you're dead)
  • Charged Strikes: Improved healing
  • First Strike: Builds more threat on your first hit (if Musky-Tanking on adds)

Orbs[edit | hide]

The musketeer can load a variety of orbs into his weapon to cause a wide array of useful effects. These effects can be amplified by "charging" the shot -- this is accomplished by holding the trigger button for a few seconds prior to firing the shot. You will know the shot is "charged" when the weapon's muzzle is glowing purple.

All orbs have a small area-of-effect (AOE). So, shooting the ground near a group of allies/enemies and/or shooting an ally/enemy in the middle of a tight grouping will affect all nearby targets. If you take the level 20 talent "Charged Orb", then your AOE radius is significantly increased when you shoot an enemy or your turret.

See relative healing quantities for different abilities here: Musketeer Healing Numbers

Healing Orbs[edit | hide]

Cure Wounds Orb
A large immediate heal. 12s cooldown. You can shoot your turret with this orb to amplify the turret's healing.

Renew Orb
Buffs your target(s) with a heal-over-time (HOT). This orb has a short cooldown. You can shoot your turret with this orb to apply the renew buff to every target the turret shoots.

Shield Orb
Blocks some incoming damage for a short time. Wears off rapidly. Has a medium cooldown. If you shoot your turret with this orb, all allies in a large radius will be shielded then your turret will be destroyed.

Decurse Orb
Removes one debuff from allied target(s). 4s cooldown. If you shoot your turret with this orb, the effect will have a larger radius and your turret will be destroyed.

Lifewell Orb
Creates a large pool on the ground. Any ally inside the pool will receive HOT healing (as long as they continue to stand in the circle). Has a very long cooldown. If you shoot your turret with this orb, the closest dead ally will be resurrected. (Resurrect has a 20 minute cooldown and requires one reagent.)

Damaging Orbs[edit | hide]

Frost Orb
Slows enemy target(s). If you shoot your turret with this orb, the effect has a larger radius and destroys your turret.

Gravity Orb
Pulls enemy target(s) toward the orb. If you shoot your turret with this orb, the effect has a larger radius and destroys your turret.

Poison Orb
Applies a damage-over-time (DOT) debuff to enemy target(s). If you shoot your turret with this orb, all enemy targets damaged by your turret will receive the poison debuff.

Weakness Orb
Applies a debuff to enemy target(s) causing them to receive more damage. The musketeer will gain a 20% damage buff. The musketeer's poison debuff will gain a 50% damage buff. All allies will gain a 5% damage buff. If you shoot your turret with this orb, the effect has a larger radius and destroys your turret.

This orb effect cannot stack on a target. New shots override the old ones (even if you have more than one Musketeer in a group).

Turret[edit | hide]

All musketeers have a turret. It is the small woven red ball attached to your chest. You can pick it up and throw it. It will stick in place after 2 seconds of being thrown. This allows you to place it high up in the air, near you, on the ground, or in mid-air between you and mobs. Placement matters!

The turret blocks ranged attacks from allies and enemies. So, you can hide behind your turret while caster enemies try to shoot you. It can also cause your allied scoundrel to miss all of his shots. Be mindful.

Before you throw the turret, you can use the trigger button to flip it between "heal mode" and "damage mode". When you click the trigger, you will see the turret flash yellow when it has just transitioned into "heal mode". It will flash purple when it has just transitioned into "damage mode".

Turret Note[edit | hide]

  • If the turret is not attacked (or used to charge a turret-breaking orb) it will remain in use for 1 minute.
  • You can apply up to 2 simultaneous buffs to the turret. Example: Renew + Cure Wounds.
  • You can apply poison + renew simultaneously to the turret. It will alternate damage/healing. It prioritizes healing when any target is below 100% and only damages when no healing target is viable.
  • Never put your turret on the floor to shoot it, this causes you to hit the floor instead of your turret.

Shooting The Floor[edit | hide]

Due to the orbs having a small splash effect, shooting the ground at your feet can be used when the players you're trying to heal are grouped up tightly close to you (doing this can prevent having a player "body block" your orb).

Only do this under very specific circumstances:

  1. If you are only attempting to heal yourself.
  2. If you cannot shoot your turret and are attempting to heal players who are practically on top of you (e.g. in the circle together on Boss 5 of Guild City).
  3. If your group needs you to heal less because you keep taking agro from the tank.

Talents[edit | hide]

Lightbringer Turret Master
Improved Renew: Your Renew orb's effect lasts for an additional 2 seconds Improved Poison: Your Poison orb's effect lasts for an additional 2 seconds
Improved Lifewell: The radius and duration of your Lifewell is increased by 20% Speedy: When your Turret expires, all allies within 20 meters gain a 100% speed boost for 4 seconds
Curative Shield: Your shield orb now does a small amount of healing immediately Explosive Shield: Your shield orb will now explode, dealing a small amount of damage to enemies within 4 meters
Beacon of Light: Whenever you heal an ally with Cure Wounds, your nearby allies with Renew active gain 25% of the healing done Charged Orb: Hitting an enemy with an orb fired from a charged shot will increase its range
All For One: Players standing in your lifewell have their Cure Wounds healing increased by 50% One For All: Holding your turret for 2s before deploying will supercharge it, double its attack/healing and increasing its range by 5m at the expense of half the musketeer's health

Soloing Spec[edit | hide]

  • Improved Poison: You are focused on doing damage - this will help.
  • Speedy: You don't need an expanded lifewell when you're the only one affected by it.
  • Either: Choose "Curative Shield" if you are fighting difficult mobs. Choose "Explosive Shield" if you are farming weak mobs.
  • Beacon of Light: You won't be charging healing orbs since you don't need expanded radius when you are alone. All mobs will be near each other for charged dps orbs.
  • One for All: Doubling your turret's damage (or healing) is amazing.

Dungeon/Raid Spec[edit | hide]

  • Improved Renew: More healing.
  • Improved Lifewell: It's easier for your friends to get into the lifewell.
  • Curative Shield: Helps the tank stay alive.
  • Charged Orb: This is critical! Each orb will hit most of the team rather than just one ally.
  • One for All: Your turret does amazing healing. Help it do even MORE.

Mishka's Guide To Musketeer[edit | hide]

Todo List[edit | hide]

TODO: how much healing/damage does it do if you never shoot it with an orb? I assume it is relative to the player's weapon damage - and is affected by intellect/strength buffs.

TODO: determine the duration of lifewell orb, direct renew buff, turret renew buff, and turret lifetime if attacked.

TODO: what is the % healing boost for normal and charged shots both direct to a target and into a turret? Do all targets receive equal healing or does the primary target get more?