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Type Tank
Armor Plate
Weapon Sword
Equipment Shield

The Warrior is a tank class in OrbusVR. Equipped with a sword and a shield, a warrior is able to fully block enemy attacks.

While the warrior is considered the tank class that's more difficult to play, it outshines the Paladin in single-target aggro generation.

Weapon Interface

  1. Shield durability
  2. Health
  3. Super Ability charge
  4. Stamina
  5. Shield Bash cooldown
  6. Horn cooldown
  7. Sword Rush charges and cooldown



Damage is done to enemies by swinging your sword at the enemy.

  • Doing wide, arching swings will deal more damage, small pokes will barely do anything.
  • If you hit your shield with your sword during a swing, no damage will be done at all.


The Warrior combos as pictured in the player journal are for right-handed players - if you have your sword in your left hand, the combos have to be mirrored.

Name Right-Handed Left-Handed Effect
Provoke ← → ↑ → ← ↑ Generates additional aggro.
Wound ← ↑ ← → → ↑ → ← Deal increased damages to target.
Cleave → ↑ ↑ ← ← ↑ ↑ → Deals damage to multiple enemies.
Hamstring ↑ → ← ↑ ↑ ← → ↑ Slows target.
  • You get the bonus effect from combos even if the enemy is hit through the shield, i.e. Provoke through your shield. For Wound and Cleave, this only works if Charged.
  • The strength of the effect is unaffected by how wide the swings are.


Charged Combos

After performing a combo, by holding your sword of your field of view (to your side, behind your back, over your shoulder, etc.), it will color the trail of the sword, and the next strike will apply the effect of the combo again, but it will be stronger. Also applies a damage reduction buff, reducing all incoming damage by 30% for 5 seconds.

  • After using a charged combo, you can charge it again immediately without having to perform the combo again.
  • A charged Wound or Cleave will hit even if you hit the enemy through your shield.
  • A charged Hamstring will apply a slow equivalent to Frost 3.


The Warrior has access to two different shields, each of them having a different playstyle:

  • Small Shield: Breaks quickly, but allows for higher damage. Used for offensive builds.
  • Large Shield: Reduces attack damage and is a bit unwieldy, but can withstand much more damage before breaking. Used for defensive builds.

Blocking Attacks

The shield is used to block attacks from enemies. If your shield is between yourself and a monster, then the melee attacks of that monster will be blocked by your shield. For each attack the shield loses a bit of its durability. If the shield runs out of durability, it will temporarily "break" and turn red. In this state, it won't block any attacks until the blue bar fully recharges.

  • Blocking attacks with the shield will build a lot of aggro.
  • The shield does not block projectiles or AoE attacks.
  • The shield can block physical projectiles (normal arrows / bullets) in PvP.
  • The shield also blocks your attacks - hitting your shield with your sword will decrease any damage you deal to zero.
    • Provoke and Hamstring combo effects will still be applied.
    • Charged Wound and Charged Cleave effects will still be applied.
  • You can hold your shield between an enemy and another player to shield them from attacks. As blocking attacks generates aggro, this is a good way to regain aggro when your Horn is on cooldown.
  • Anti-heal debuffs (from Pot Tank and Valusia Warrior of the Guild City Raid and Napur and Sephotep of the Citadel Raid) will make your shield take increased damage.

Shield Bash

Punching an enemy with the shield while holding the trigger will stun them for a short time and interrupt certain abilities.

The Shield Bash has quite a long cooldown, and makes Warrior the only class without a spammable interrupt.

With the Shield Spike and Improved Slam talents, the Shield Bash also applies a Weakness debuff to the enemy, making them weak to your basic strikes and Wound combos, or to all sources, respectively.

Sword Rush

A Warrior can rush to an enemy (or ally, with the Improved Rush talent) from a distance. Press and hold the trigger and point your sword at the target until it is highlighted with a yellow outline. By releasing trigger, you can teleport towards them.

  • Can be used at the start of combat, or to quickly charge towards an enemy that attacks a party member.
  • With the Improved Rush talent, this ability is helpful for moving the boss around or running away while the shield is regenerating.


The horn is the Warrior's taunt. Blowing into the horn will put the Warrior on top of the aggro table of nearby enemies (plus some additional aggro), forcing them to attack the Warrior.

Blowing the horn will also give allies (but not yourself) a temporary shield buff that absorbs some damage.

Super Ability

The Warrior's Super Ability hardens them against attacks, greatly increasing their armor by about 30% for a short period of time. It also fully regenerates the shield immediately (even if it was broken).

To use your Super, press both of the Trigger buttons on your controllers at the same time when your Super bar (the yellow bar below your health bar) is full. The Warrior generates energy to fill their super bar by striking enemies and executing combo moves.


Defensive Offensive
Righteousness: Your Provoke combo heals you for a small amount. Rage: Your Wound combo causes the target to Bleed for additional damage.
Improved Slam: Enemies stunned by your Shield Bash take increased damage from all sources for a short time. Shield Spike: Enemies stunned by your Shield Bash become weak to your basic strikes and Wound combo for a short time.
Improved Rush: Your Sword Rush ability now has two charges and can be used to rush to allies as well as enemies, but charges twice as slowly. Intimidate: After using your Sword Rush, gain a buff which increases your Critical Strike chance.
Blessing of Protection: Raise your sword high into the air, gaining a temporary shield equivalent to your lost health. Blessing of Might: Raise your sword high into the air, granting a buff to yourself and nearby allies to increase damage by 15%.
Overheal: Any healing you receive while at full health will be partially transferred to your shield. Counter Attack: Blocking an attack with you shield instantly charges your sword with your previous combo (5 second cooldown).
  • The Bleed DoT from Rage does not stack, and also overrides other Bleeds on the enemy, including Bleed stacks from the Bleed weapon affix.
    • If the player is wounding faster than once per second, the Bleed gets overridden before it can deal any DoT ticks.
    • Bleeds from your other party members can also be overridden.
  • Using Blessing of Protection while at low health can give you an extremely powerful shield - but that shield buff can be overridden by the buff from a Musketeer's Shield orb.

End-Game Builds

→ Main Page: Warrior/Tilesets


This is the most common warrior build (and the only viable End-Game PvE build).


  • Righteousness
  • Improved Slam
  • Improved Rush
  • Blessing of Protection (can be switched for Blessing of Might)
  • Overheal or Counter Attack: Overheal enables you to tank some bosses without taking any damage, but will mess up your shield rotation. Counter Attack helps with aggro.


This is more of a fun build, as this build is hopelessly out-damaged by every single DPS class there is.

  • Righteousness
  • Shield Spike or Improved Slam
  • Intimidate
  • Blessing of Might
  • Counter Attack

Gear Enhancements


  • Crit Damage
  • Crit Chance
  • reduced Incoming Crit Damage can be helpful against bosses with a high crit chance, like the Crypt Dungeon#Lich King.


  • Empowered
  • Elite Hunter (for offensive builds or increased aggro generation)
  • Elite Protector (for defensive builds)


  • Unbending for survivability
  • First Strike for extra Overhealing
  • Charged Strikes, Bleed or Giantkiller as a damage affix for increased aggro generation and damage builds (do not combo Bleed with the Rage talent).
  • Iceheart works as a damage affix too, but only if you have a runemage who uses frost in your party.


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