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Model: Scott

Suggested Warrior Tileset[edit | hide | hide all]

Which tilesets you choose will be dependent on your combos.

Warrior Provoke Heal Set (Source: Pherosis & Scott)[edit | hide]

Tileset Warrior Scott May 2021s.png

It works fantastic! This is a zero interference tileset.

Here is the quantity and type of runes you will need to make it:

ᛃ: 5 ᛏ: 5 ᛈ: 1 ᛢ: 1 ᚾ: 1 Ƶ: 1 ᚦ: 1

Provoke Heal - Tile Order[edit | hide]

The order you put the tiles in each set matters as they correlate with the order of events happening in the fight. This is the rune order you need for this set:

ᛢᛃᛏ (for when you are provoking very quickly & have lots of energy)

ᛈᛃᛏ (for when you are provoking quickly & have a decent amount of energy)

ᚾᛃᛏ (for when you are provoking & are starting to get tired)

Ƶᛃᛏ (for when you need to liiiive and your arm is tired)

ᚦᛃᛏ (for start combat & tank swapping)

Provoke Heal - Rune Meanings[edit | hide]

ᛃ: Provoke combo

ᛏ: Provoke combo (with heal lvl 5 talent) or any heal received

Ƶ: Hit with between 1 and 2 seconds in-between

ᚾ: 3 hits a second

ᛈ: 4 hits a second

ᛢ: 5+ hits a second (more will also trigger it)

ᚦ: Hit with 5+ seconds in-between