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Cindy was made by our very own Scott (talk)! He has put in tons of effort to make you a DPS parser that is amazing.

Fun Fact: Cindy was named after Cinderella due to her breaking after midnight in the early stages of development.


Global Leaderboard


This allows you to compete for the top spot in Orbus, against all other PCVR users!

Global Leaderboard Rankings

Local Leaderboard

This lets you track yourself and anyone you party with locally.

Player History

Want to look up a previous fight (form a different day/month/year) to see how you did? You can! As long as you had Cindy installed and running, that data is captured for your later review.



Cindy has data rich graphs that allow you to pinpoint when you started the fight, and where your DPS peaks are.

Real Numbers

Instead of giving you just a % of boss fight, Cindy gives you the actual amount of damage you contributed, in total to any fight or encounter.

PvP Beta

This feature is in process, you can currently use it to see how much DPS you and your friends are doing in PvP.

Auto Run

If you often forget to turn on your DPS parser (like we do). You can chose to have Cindy automatically open and run in the background when you start your PC.

Cool Kids Mode

Enjoy having a little extra fun with Boss names? You can turn this on and fight Flubber!

  • Warning: This feature some explicit names and is recommended for only users over 18 years of age.

Need Help?

If you need help getting set up. You can hop over to the DPS discord and we will do our best to help you out.