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End-Game Content[edit | hide | hide all]

Welcome to End-Game!! You have a lot of murder in your future.

Knock'em dead. ;) ~ Pherosis

Dungeons[edit | hide]


  • You can have 1 to 5 players in a dungeon instance.
  • There are 7 dungeons (4 in town, 2 in the overworld, 1 in the DLC).
  • You will still get loot and XP in a party of 5 or less players (everywhere).

Dungeon Shard Affixes

  • These are the fancy addons that add a goodly amount of spice to each dungeon as you level up the difficulty.
  • Each dungeons shard has affixes already attached to it, and each week there are global affixes applied to all shards (if they are used that week).
  • Good Luck!

Raids[edit | hide]


  • You can have 1 to 10 players in a raid instance.
  • There are 2 raids (with 2 difficulty settings each).
  • If you are in a raid party (6 or more players), you can only get loot from raids.
  • Go forth and prosper.

Gear Boosts[edit | hide]

Weapon and Armor Affixes

  • When you start getting that sweet, sweet +1 to +7 gear, you are going to want to start maximizing your damage/heals.
  • These can help you do more DPS/Heals or take less incoming damage.



Each class has affix and tile sets that works best for them. You can find that intel on each individual class page.

Potion Boosts[edit | hide]