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Shard Dungeons and Raids are the End-Game content of OrbusVR. They are accessible at any time, but having at least one class at level 30 is strongly recommended.

End-Game Content

Welcome to End-Game!! You have a lot of murder in your future. Knock'em dead. ;) ~ Pherosis


→ Main Page: Dungeons

  • You can have up to 5 players in a dungeon instance.
  • There are 7 dungeons (4 in town, 3 in the overworld, 1 in the DLC).
  • Shard Dungeons (depending on level) can drop +1 to +6 gear. Depending on the shard level, you can have up to eight Dungeon Shard Affixes to add variety and increase the difficulty. 1-3 affixes are already attached to the shard, and each week there are 0-5 weekly affixes applied to all shards used that week (more on higher difficulty levels)

Good luck!


→ Main Page: Raids

  • You can have up to 10 players in a raid instance.
  • There are 2 raids with 2 difficulty settings each: The Guild City Raid and the Citadel Raid.
  • Raids (depending on type and level) can drop from +2 to +7 gear.
  • If you are in a raid party (6 or more players), you can only get loot from raids.

Go forth and prosper.


Gear Boosts

→ Main Page: Equipment In addition to the raw stats of the equipment, there are some additional effects that can provide even greater benefits:

Weapon and Armor Affixes

→ Main Page: Equipment Affixes

  • Affixes are special enchantments that can help you do more damage or heals or increase survivability.
  • If you don't like the affix that your weapon or armor has, you can re-roll it using an equipment shard.


  • Rings provide boost to Vitality, Strength, Intellect, Critical, Wisdom and Luck, and drop from enraged world bosses.
  • The One Ring that you can drop from the enraged Rock Giant can combine all the powerful stats of the other rings by infusion.


→ Main Page: Artificing

  • Tilesets can give you a damage boost of up to 30% and a boost to healing of up to 15%.
  • Choose or design tilesets that fit your playstyle.
    • You can find pre-made tilesets for all classes on the individual class pages. Make sure to follow the instructions of how to use them, or the damage and healing boost they give you will be dramatically reduced.
    • To design your own tilesets, learn about the mechanics of tileset boosts.

Potion Boosts

→ Main Page: Potions Potions provide boosts to Vitality, Strength, Intellect, Critical and Wisdom, making end-game content a little easier. They can be crafted using alchemy.

Most classes will want to use Vitality, Strenght, Intellect and Critical, with a few exceptions:

  • DPS classes can get away with using a Vitality potion, but use them for bosses that require the entire party to soak damage (like the Valusia Warrior or Geruvi), or shard affixes like Back Bug or Virus.
  • Runemage and Bard: Strength does nothing for these classes.
  • Ranger: In addition to the other potions, you may want to take a Super Charger potion (increases Wisdom), if you want to use your super ability as often as possible.

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