Abandoned Mine Dungeon

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Abandoned Mine Dungeon
Abandoned Mine Dungeon.jpg
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Wastelands
Nearby Teleport Old Growth

The Abandoned Mine Dungeon is a dungeon located in the Scav's Den, the cave near the giant tree in the wastelands. The nearest teleport pillar is Old Growth.

The second boss of this dungeon drops the Temple Dungeon Key, which is required to enter the Ancient Temple Dungeon.


Dungeon Adds

The enemy groups in this dungeon consist of Assassin Scavs, Marksman Scavs, Pistoler Scavs and Scav Knights.

Tips and Strategies

  • For groups with Pistoler Scavs, try to stand on the slopes near the walls of the cave, as slopes throw off their aim. The poison and frost effects can still hit, use a Musketeer's, Mage's or Bard's Decurse to remove the poisons.
  • The homing fireballs of Marksman Scavs can be dodged more easily at close range. A Decurse can be helpful to clear the DoTs of these enemies too, but it is generally better to interrupt their Shadow Mark attack.
  • Clear the large group of Assassin Scavs before fighting the first boss, as that fight involves a lot of kiting and they like to aggro if the tank gets too close to them.




Dovregubben takes decreased damage. To damage him properly, the party needs to lure him under one of the stalactites on the ceiling and drop it on him by hitting it with any damaging attack. The boss will be stunned for a while, taking normal damage.


  • Slam: Dovregubben rises into the air and creates a large yellow circle around him on the ground, before he drops back to the ground. Players standing in the circle take damage, and the attack also drops a few stalactites, which can hit and stun Dovregubben. The slam can easily be mistaken for his tankbuster attack.
  • Tankbuster: Dovregubben will telegraph this attack by jumping in the air, arms raised, and then slam his arms on the ground, dealing massive damage. Shield this. While his normal attacks make a sound, this attack is completely silent. Keep an eye out for this attack while moving him around.

Tips and Strategies

  • Dovregubben alternates between Slam and Tankbuster, with normal attacks in-between.
  • Dovregubben can be done without a healer even on higher shards, if the tank moves the boss fast and the spikes are dropped as soon as he's under them.

Scav Shaman

The Scav Shaman.

The Scav Shaman has a few attacks that can immediately kill tank classes, so keep an eye out for that.


  • Magic Missile: The Scav Shaman will fire a pink projectile directed at a random player. It is fast, but will not change its path, so it's very much dodgable if the attack is noticed early.
  • Rapid Fire: The Scav Shaman will create streams of pink projectiles in an area in front of him to deal a massive amount of damage to anything caught in them. Dodge this, even Unbending won't save you.
  • Puzzling Predicament: Large green circles will appear on the ground and deal damage to any player standing in them. They disappear after a while.
  • Tankbuster: The Scav Shaman's tankbuster is a wide swing with his right staff starting from his left shoulder. Shield this. This attack uses the same sound as the normal attacks of Dovregubben, and connects after the sound finishes.

Tips and Strategies

  • The Magic Missiles of the Scav Shaman have a limited range. If the tank pulls the boss towards a wall, they won't reach the opposite side of the room and catch the DPS players off-guard. Keep in mind that a Musketeer's and Bard's heals won't reach the DPS back on the other side of the area.
  • A Musketeer's turret will block the Magic Missiles too. The turret can't absorb all the projectiles of Rapid Fire though, it will break from taking too much damage.


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