Airship Dungeon

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Airship Dungeon
Airship Dungeon.png
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport Fellowship Court

The Airship Dungeon is a dungeon located at the base of the tree in the City of Highsteppe.

Only level 10 and lower dungeon shards can be for Airship.


Map of the dungeon by Potato.

This dungeon is a little different from all the other dungeons in the game, with the enemies spawning in on a timer, one group after another, instead of being there right from the start.


Dungeon Adds

The enemy groups in this dungeon consist of Staf, Tear and/or Scav enemies. They spawn in at one of four locations (back of the ship, front of the ship, or near the balconies at the sides).

  • Enemies spawn in every 2 minutes.
    • If all the adds in a group groups are defeated, a new group spawns after about 15 seconds.
    • After the boss spawned, no new add groups spawn until the boss has been defeated.
  • Groups spawn on either the front, back, left or right side of the airship. The bosses spawn in the middle.
  • If enemy groups already spawned in before a dungeon shard is used, they won't disappear, but also won't count towards the completion level of the dungeon.

Tips and Strategies

  • If the party keeps getting spawn-killed by an add group that spawned in at the back of the airship near the graveyard:
  1. Have all the players stay dead. Then have a single player (preferably paladin) reawaken.
  2. Have that single living player pull the adds to the other end of the ship and die.
  3. Reawaken together.
  • Pull the groups with Pistoler Scavs up on the slope towards the back of the airship where the exit portal is. Slopes can throw off their aim and they won't be able to hit you.
  • Runemage, Musketeer & Bard decurse can be useful with groups that poison players.
  • Be careful to not place the poison pools in Discontent shard dungeons on where the green circle will spawn for the Chaos Hunter bossfight.

Chaos Purity

The Chaos Purity.

The first boss, the Chaos Purity, spawns in after the 5th add group.


  • Poison Pools: Every few hits, an AoE poison pool appears below the main aggro holder.
    • Pools disappear eventually.
    • Multiple pools can stack in one location.
  • Sky Orbs: 2 purple orbs (3 orbs in shard dungeons) fall from the sky during the fight.
    • Orbs always target the same players (until a player who has been targeted dies).
    • If they touch the airship deck, they create a poison pool and deal immediately splash damage.
    • Orb Pools hurt more than the tank pools.
    • The orbs can be blocked from hitting the ground by hitting a player's head.
  • Tankbuster: Once ever 5 hits to the main aggro holder, the boss does a tankbuster attack that deals a high amount of damage and should be shielded.
    • You can tell the boss is doing the tankbuster by it dancing in a spin. This attack does not have a sound cue.

Tips and Strategies

  • Have players call out the locations of the falling orbs.
    • You can dodge & let them drop or catch them as is your preference, both strategies work well on all levels.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • Poison pools can be invisible to some players.
  • The "stagger" animation from any stun cancels the tankbuster spin animation, but the attack will still hit.

Chaos Hunter

The Chaos Hunter.

The second boss, the Chaos Hunter, spawns in after 7 additional add groups.


  • Shotgun: The Chaos Hunter turns towards a random player and shoots out three purple projectiles that deal damage.
  • Influence Fate: The boss hits harder for a while.
    • This ability can be interrupted, but the time frame is very short.
  • Impending Doom: The boss puts a status effect to all players that deals enough damage to kill most classes even at low difficulties after about 20 seconds. The effect can be removed by touching one of the two green circles that appear when the boss fight starts (only one circle appears in shard dungeons).
  • Line Attack: A line of purple orbs travels from the portal at front of the ship to the back. These orbs don't do any initial damage, but apply a Bleed DoT effect that cannot be decursed.

Tips and Strategies

  • Stand facing towards the portal at the front of the ship, to be able to see the Line Attacks early.
  • Interrupting "Influence Fate" will most likely be the tank's responsibility, as the time frame is too short for most other classes to react.
  • A Paladin can use their offhand shield to survive the damage tick from Impending Doom.

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