Ancient Temple Dungeon

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Ancient Temple Dungeon
Ancient Temple Dungeon.jpg
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Hulthine's Basin
Nearby Teleport Ocean's Edge

The Ancient Temple Dungeon is a dungeon located in the north of Hulthine's Basin, the nearest teleport pillar is Ocean's Edge.

A Temple Dungeon Key is needed to access this dungeon, which can be acquired by defeating the Scav Shaman, the second boss in the Abandoned Mine Dungeon.

Dungeon Adds

The enemy groups in this dungeon consist of Tear Minions, Tear Casters, Tear Wizards and Tear Brutes.

  • The Tear Caster's Link Shield ability gives itself and another enemy full damage immunity until interrupted.


Ancient Guardian

The Ancient Guardian.


  • Flame Shield: The Ancient Guardian will create a colored fire shield around him, which will shield him from 99% of all damage (including DoTs that were placed on the boss before). To get the shield down, the tank has to lure him to the pillar of the same color, and wait for him to use his Slam attack.
  • Cleansing Wave: The Ancient Guardian will raise his spear up in the air, and create flames around his feet. After a few seconds, the flames will shoot out, dealing enough damage to any player that did not hide behind a pillar to kill them even on low shards.
    • Hiding in or behind walls or around the corner of the hallway leading to the boss area doesn't protect from the Cleansing Wave attack. Only the four colored pillars work.
  • Slam: The Ancient Guardian creates a yellow circle around him, dealing damage to any player standing in it. If his flame shield is up and he is standing near a pillar of the same color while doing the Slam attack, his shield will disappear.
  • Tankbuster: The Ancient Guardian's tankbuster is a wide swing with his spear, starting at his left shoulder. This attack is similar to that of the Scav Shaman, with the same sound cue.

Tips and Strategies

  • The boss uses his Cleansing Wave attack after every two Slams.
  • Have each player stay near a pillar to be able to hide when Cleansing Wave comes up. A Warrior tank can also Sword Dash towards a player near the correct pillar.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • Sometimes the colored shield does not disappear when the party wipes and the boss resets. This is only a visual bug.

Mist Keeper

The Mist Keeper.


The Mist Keeper will cover the room in colored mist, each color indicating a different phase. Additionally, three pillars with a red orb on top are located inside the room, which will turn blue for a few seconds if hit by any damaging attack or DoT damage ticks.

Color Effect End
Orange The mist will deal damage to the party if any two players stand too close together. After 20 seconds.
Green The mist will deal damage to the party if any two players stand too far away from each other. After 20 seconds.
Red The Mist Keeper's attacks deal increased damage. All orbs blue at the same time.


  • Slam: The Mist Keeper will create a large blue circle on the ground around it, dealing damage once to any player standing inside of the AoE.
  • Tankbuster: The Mist Keeper will telegraph its tankbuster by rising on his back legs, and consecutively stabbing the player it is currently focused on with its front legs. This attack does not have any sound cue.

Tips and Strategies

  • Have the healer stay just outside of Slam range, with the three DPS standing at a distance of about one-and-a-half to two teleports away on Orange, and group up on the healer on Green, while the tank stays near the boss. The damage done to the group on Green Mist phase by the tank being at a distance can be healed by placing down a Musketeer's Life Well or by a Bard's passive heal pulses. A Paladin can stun-lock the Mist Keeper on Green Mist phase, making it easier on the healer.
  • Keep orbs blue at the end of Green Mist phase to essentially skip Red Mist phase.
    • The three DPS players should focus on keeping one pillar blue each during, or at least at the end of, Green Mist Phase.
    • A Runemage skilled in Afflictions (or Greater Afflictions) can keep all three of the pillars blue on their own.
    • Even if all pillars are blue when the phase changes to red, it doesn't immediately switch - the tank might get hit once with increased strength.
  • The Mist Keeper's attacks have a set pattern: It will attack four times, including three normal attacks and a Tankbuster in any order, then slam. If no stun is used, the phase changes at the same time as the slam occurs.
  • The Slam attack is meant to be dodged, but with a Musketeer's Shield Orb, a full-health Paladin tank can survive even on high shards.
  • A Warrior tank can Sword Rush towards the pillars to dodge the Slam attack.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • The Mist Keeper always enters Red Mist phase for a short period of time. Even if all pillar orbs are blue, it can still attack with increased damage during that timeframe. Use stuns to keep the boss from attacking when the phase changes from Green to Red.

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