Crypt Dungeon

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Crypt Dungeon
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport Fellowship Court

The Crypt Dungeon is a dungeon located at the base of the tree in the City of Highsteppe.


  • Once the Lich King boss hits any player with a melee attack, the blue wall near the dungeon entrance will unlock, allowing access to the second boss without navigating through the entire dungeon.


Dungeon Adds

The enemy groups inside the Crypt dungeon consist of Staf or Tear enemies. It is the only dungeon that has Barking Stafrushers.

Tips and Strategies

Dungeon Troll

The Dungeon Troll.

The first boss, the Dungeon Troll, can be found on the top of the ramp, on the uppermost platform.


  • Earth Spike: The boss will place yellow circles underneath the feet of the players. After a few seconds, large earthen spikes will rise out of the ground at these locations, dealing damage to anyone inside the AoE.
    • If the boss is hit by it's own Earth Spikes, it will get stunned for a few seconds, and take increased damage for the duration of the stun.
  • Earth Blast: Rotating Laser starting at the tank and rotating clockwise around the arena, dealing damage to everyone standing inside of it.
    • The boss only rotates about 3/4 of a full rotation, which makes the area next to the boss's left shoulder a safe spot for DPS and healer to stand on.
    • There is only a small window of time between the cast bar appearing and the attack dealing damage. When the boss begins it's animation, the tank should immediately teleport directly behind the boss or to their right in order to dodge the attack.

Tips and Strategies

  • Have all players stand to the boss's left (the tank's right) in order to dodge the Earth Blast. Rangers can stand on the path leading up to the platform and move back down a little to make the beam pass over them.
  • The classes that don't benefit much from being at range can come in close to the boss to make the Earth Spike circles spawn near it, making it easier for the tank to move the Troll into one of the circles.

Lich King

The Lich King.

The second boss, the Lich King, can be found in the center of the main platform.


  • Bolt: If the tank (or whoever has aggro) is far away from the boss, the boss will shoot a long ranged bolt instead of melee attacks. This projectile is powerful, but can be dodged easily.
  • Death Burst: The Lich King creates a bunch of purple orbs in a circle around him, which will shoot outwards and then come back, inflicting damage on every player they hit. No orbs appear near his sides, staying to the left or right of the boss will keep players safe from this attack.
  • Orange Circles: Small orange circles appear on the ground below players, which will explode after a few seconds and deal damage.
  • Spawn Skeletons: The Lich King generates a black shield around himself, and spawn three Undead. While the shield is up, he takes no damage, and will not use his melee attack or his Bolt, but can spawn circles and use Death Burst. Once all minions are dead, the shield disappears.

Tips and Strategies

  • Have the DPS stand together in one group, while the tank focuses on keeping the boss's shoulder pointing towards the DPS group. This way they won't get hit by the Death Burst. The tank can dodge the attack by moving to the side opposite to where the rest of the group is standing, and back off and dodge Bolt attacks until after the projectiles come back.
  • Once the last Undead dies, the Lich King will immediately attack. The tank should either be close to the boss to take a melee attack or watch the boss closely to be able to dodge the projectile.
  • If the tank is on low health (or, if they are a Warrior and their shield breaks), they can back off and dodge Bolts until the support has a heal ready again, or until the shield recharges.
  • This boss can be killed without a tank, if the player that has aggro stays at Bolt range and keeps dodging the attacks, although a tank is helpful for dealing with the Undead.

Bugs and Technical Notes

  • Sometimes the Lich King can still attack with melee attacks or Bolts while the shield is up, or stay passive when the shield is down.
  • On Difficult to Dodge shards, the projectiles from the Death Burst attack don't come back completely.


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