Sewer Dungeon

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Sewer Dungeon
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport Fellowship Court

The Sewer dungeon is located at the base of the tree in the City of Highsteppe.


  • There are two ways to reach the final boss. From the portal, going right is the most direct way to get to the boss. From the boss, going forward will also reach the boss.
    • In non-shard dungeons, players can use the Return to Graveyard option in settings to return to the spawn point of the dungeon and go the other way.
    • In shard dungeons, players must go both paths in order to clear enough mobs to reach 100% completion.


Dungeon Adds

The enemy groups in this dungeon consist of Staf enemies, Chaos enemies, and melee-type Sewer Rats without any special attacks.

Tips and Strategies

Mutated Rat

The Mutated Rat.
The area behind the third fence section is usually safe.

The first boss, the Mutated Rat, can be found by going left from the entrance portal.


  • Poison Flood: A rat will spawn in one of the hallways and slowly make its way to one of the two levers near the platform. If it reaches the lever before getting killed, poisonous water will start pouring in from the pipes, and flood the area. Any party member standing inside the puddle will take damage from the poison.
    • Levers can be pulled by players to turn the poison off (or on).
    • Levers are on cooldown for a few seconds after being used (by the rat, or by a player).
  • Revenge: Only in shard dungeons. If the party kills a rat before it reaches the lever, the Mutated Rat will use its Revenge skill, which will summon poisonous water from the pipes (stronger than normal), unless interrupted multiple times.

Tips and Strategies

  • Instead of killing the small rat, you can also do one of the following:
    • The lever on the opposite to the rat can be pulled before the rat reaches its target, which will make the rat turn the poison off instead of on.
    • The tank can lure the boss to the edge of the poison. The poison ends a few meters down the hallway. DPS and Support can stand outside of the poison, and the Tank can live through the poison with a good healer even on high shards. A Paladin even gains charges from the poison damage. But be careful, if a DPS pulls aggro from the Tank, the boss will likely walk too far away from the platform and reset.

Sewer Slime

The Sewer Slime.

The second boss, Sewer Slime, can be found in the center of the dungeon on the bottom platform.


  • The Sewer Slime doesn't follow conventional aggro rules, and will instead choose a random player to attack. That target can change randomly.
  • Sewer Slime will take decreased damage. To be able to properly damage it, the party will have to lure it under one of the four water buckets found in the area, and pull a lever close to the puddle to dump the water on it. Levers have a cooldown.


  • Slime Ball: The boss will shoot a homing projectile at the party member it is currently targeting, dealing damage. This attack can be interrupted.
  • Spawn Rats: Sewer Slime will spawn rats that will chase after random party members. While the two rats are still alive, no new ones will appear.

Tips and Strategies

  • The tank may switch to a DPS class for this fight, as there is no way to reliably gain aggro on the boss.
    • The tank can also be designated to gain aggro and off-tank the adds without entering combat with the boss. The adds can also be leashed by the tank, and they can use "Stuck Combat" and switch to a DPS class.
  • DPS should constantly kite the boss around to prevent melee attacks. The boss does not move fast, additional slowing effects are not necessary.


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