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Raids[edit | hide | hide all]

Welcome to End-Game! Only roughly 10% (or less) of the player base is ever going to see what you will behold here.
If you are reading this, welcome to that 10%.

You Rock! Keep at it until you have ground all the bosses to paste under your heels. ~ Pherosis

Normal Mode Hard Mode
Clockwork Hunter - Kingme
Normal Mode Guild City
Empowered Valusia Warrior - Kingme
Hard Mode Guild City
Napur - Pherosis
Normal Mode Citadel
Enraged Sephotep - Pherosis
Hard Mode Citadel

Locking an Instance[edit | hide]

Raids are locked to the party leader, any progress you have made in killing the bosses will be saved in that instance.

All instances are reset on Tuesday when Orbus does the weekly update.

Party Lead[edit | hide]

  • Party lead is locked to the person who starts the party.
  • Only party leaders can kick members from the raid group.
  • It is possible to accidently switch party leaders.

This can happen if (before anyone joins the raid instance) the party leader accepts an invite to the party (after having begun forming the party).
NOTE: It is possible to accidently invite yourself to your own party. If this happens, party lead is passed to the first person you invited to the party.

Sharing an Instance[edit | hide]

If the party leader wants to share the instance without having to participate further in the raid, they can do so by:

  • Logging in to start the party.
  • Make sure at least one party member enters the instance to hold it open.
  • Leave party.
  • Log off.

As long as at least one person is actively inside the instance, it will stay open and usable.

Gear Drops & Tokens[edit | hide]

Once per week (per character, if you have more than one) you get a guaranteed token & a chance at a gear drop when you kill a boss.

After that you will receive zero drops until the next week reset on Tuesday.

Each boss drops a type of gear token. e.g. head, gloves, chest, shoulder, weapon

The tokens correlate with the kind of gear you could get as a drop from that boss.

  • 5 tokens buy a piece of armor
  • 8 tokens buy a weapon

Raids can drop from +2 to +7 gear.