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Affixes are special gear enchantments that can be found on higher-rarity weapons, armor and rings. These affixes are random, but can be re-rolled as often as needed to get the desired ones.

List of Affixes

The affixes that can be on a piece of equipment vary by type of gear. Below is a list of all affixes for weapons, armor and rings.


Weapons can have up to two affixes on them, with epic weapons having one, and Legendary weapons having two (different) affixes. Out of all equipment affixes, weapon affixes arguably have the largest impact on gameplay - an Iceheart wand heavily incentivizes using Frostbolt spells, and a Musketeer with a First Strike musket will generate much more healing aggro by overhealing full-health allies.

  • Bleed
    Every hit has 2% chance of placing a Bleed DoT effect on an enemy.
    • The DoT ticks six times for a combined 248.69% damage of the initial hit.
    • Individual Bleed ticks can also crit, increasing the total damage of the Bleed.
    • The damage of the bleed ticks can be further increased by Scoundrel Break Shot, Mage/Scoundrel Weakness, Musketeer Weakness, Ranger Hunter's Mark, Warrior Shield Bash (with Improved Slam), and the Iceheart and Giantkiller weapon affixes. This can make the (non-crit) damage from each Bleed tick be as low as 41.449% (no buffs/debuffs) or as high as 57.118% (all possible buffs/debuffs) of the initial hit.
  • Charged Strikes
    Every 10th strike is a guaranteed critical hit.
    • The first time after entering a new zone, 11 hits are required instead of 10 for the first guaranteed crit. The counter restarts every time you enter a new zone.
    • DoT ticks do not increase the counter, and also will not consume the guaranteed crit.
  • First Strike
    A hit on a full-health target is a guaranteed critical hit.
    • This does not apply to charged Ranger arrows.
    • Healing on full-health targets will cause crit heals, overhealing for more and generating much more healing aggro.
  • Giantkiller
    Deals 3% more base damage on bosses.
    • The damage increase does not affect crit damage - this affix adds 3% of base damage (not total damage!) to every hit regardless of if it crits or not.
  • Iceheart
    Deals 5% more base damage to slowed enemies.
    • Like Giantkiller, this only affects base damage, not crit damage.
  • Lifesteal
    Damaging any enemy has a 1% chance to give 100% of the damage done to the enemy back to the player as health.
  • Lightning Forged
    Damaging an enemy can cause lightning to arc to an enemy near the target, dealing damage.
    • The lightning does not hit the main target, only other targets near it.
  • Treasure Master
    Enemies drop a small amount of Dram on death.
    • The amount of money dropped is usually 1-5 Dram.
  • Unbending
    Allows you to survive a hit that would normally kill you with 1 HP left.
    • This ability has a cooldown of 2 minutes. Dying does not reset the timer.
    • Being saved by Unbending won't give any temporary invincibility - DoT ticks are immediately deadly at 1 HP.
    • Unbending won't help much against attacks that hit multiple times like standing in multiple damaging AoEs or when multiple enemies attack you.
    • This is a popular affix especially for tanks and support, but also DPS players in high-level group content like raids, as it helps lower the amount of times parties have to wipe due to deaths.


Armor pieces can have up to two random affixes on them. Uncommon and Rare armor will have one, Epic armor will have two (different) affixes. Armor affixes stack - for example, having the Projectile Damage affix on three armor pieces increases projectile damage by 3%.

  • Projectile Damage
    Increases the damage of projectile spells, bullets, arrows and shaman orbs by 1%.
  • DoT Damage
    Increases the damage of all DoT and HoT effects applied by the player by 1%.
  • Crit Chance
    Increases the chance for any hit (or DoT tick) to critically strike by 1%.
  • Crit Damage
    Increases the damage of critical strikes by 2%.
  • XP Gain
    Increases the amount of XP gained from most sources by 1%.
  • Super Charge Rate
    Increases the rate at which the Super Ability charges by 1%.
  • Incoming Crit Damage
    Decreases the damage of critical strikes against you by 1%.


The epic rings dropped from enraged World Bosses have one of six affixes. Ring affixes don't stack - equipping two rings with the same affix will only apply the effect once.

  • Empowered
    Increases Critical Strike damage by 3%.
    • Empowered is useful for any class, as it increases the damage output of DPS classes, the healing output of support classes (as heals can crit too), and helps with aggro generation of tank classes.
    • Stacks with other buffs, like the Crit Damage armor affix.
  • Elite Protector
    Take 3% less damage from elites. (A boss is NOT an elite)
  • Elite Hunter
    Deal 3% more damage to elites. (A boss is NOT an elite)
  • Sticky
    Your stuns last longer.
    • This is very useful for Paladins, as it helps a lot when stun-locking enemies.
  • Clear Headed
    Decreases the duration of stuns and slows on you.
    • This affix is not very useful, as there are only a handful of enemies that slow players.
  • Indestructible
    The ring itself does not take any durability damage on death.
    • This is the only affix that sort of stacks and can be used on both rings, as it only applies to the ring it is on.
    • This affix is considered to be basically useless, as durability is a non-issue in dungeons and raids.

Re-rolling Affixes

The affixes on weapons, armor and rings can be re-rolled as often as needed, by using one of the shards acquired from breaking down equipment.

To re-roll your affixes, equip the piece of gear you want to change, select a shard in your inventory, then select the gear piece and confirm the prompt. This will change all affixes on that piece of equipment to random new ones.

The type of shard needed depends on the rarity of the piece of equipment:

Rarity Weapon Affixes Armor Affixes Shard type
Basic (white) 0 - -
Uncommon (green) 0 1 Minor
Rare (blue) 0 1 Major
Epic (purple) 1 2 Glimmering
Legendary (orange) 2 - Effervescent
  • All affixes will be re-rolled, there is no way to keep one affix while re-rolling the other.
  • It is possible to get the same affixes again after re-rolling.
  • The type of shard gained from breaking down equipment depends on the rarity of the gear piece - breaking down Epic gear will always give you a Glimmering shard.
  • Shards can be exchanged for higher-level shards at the Shard Vendor at the Ambassador Village in the Flooded Rainforest, once the player progressed far enough in the main story.

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