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Armor is a type of equipment in OrbusVR that increases a character's ability to survive attacks. Four different pieces or armor can be equipped at once (hat, shoulders, chestpiece and gloves). Its appearance can be changed with dyes or transmogrification.

Like most other equipment, all armor pieces are soulbound and cannot be traded. An exception is equipment dropped in shard dungeons and raids, which can be traded to players that participated in the dungeon/raid. They become soulbound once they leave the area.

Armor Types

Armor comes in three types (cloth, leather and plate), with plate armor having the highest and cloth the lowest armor rating. Each class can only use one type of armor:

Type Classes
Plate Paladin, Warrior
Leather Ranger, Scoundrel, Musketeer
Cloth Bard, Runemage, Shaman

Wearing the wrong type of armor will prevent any stats from being applied to the player, and the armor model does not show up on your player character. Tilesets will still be able to be activated even if the armor type is incompatible with your class.


Every piece of equipment will have a armor rating, and can have secondary boosts to vitality and defense, als well as additional enchantments called affixes. The stats of the armor will depend on its level, the number of affixes and secondary stat boosts on the rarity.

If equipping armor higher than your current level, the armor rating will be capped to your current level and the boosts to vitality and defense as well as affix effects will not be applied until you reach the specified level.

Armor Rating

The armor rating of a piece of armor depends solely on its level.

Every piece of armor will have an armor rating which increases linearly with its level, each level adding a constant value dependent on the armor type. Plus-leveled gear from shard dungeons or raids will add an additional half a level for each plus-level (rounded down for non-integer values).

Type Hat or Gloves Chest Shoulders + Level
Cloth 10 + level * 10 90 + level * 10 30 + level * 10 + pluslevel * 5
Leather 10 + level * 15 90 + level * 15 30 + level * 15 + pluslevel * 7.5
Plate 10 + level * 25 90 + level * 25 30 + level * 25 + pluslevel * 12.5

Defense and Vitality

Armor of at least Rare rarity will have boosts to Vitality or Defense; the strength of the boost depends on the level of the armor piece, and can vary a bit.

  • Rare armor will have one boost to only Vitality, Epic armor will have boosts to both Vitality and Defense.
  • A piece of gear that dropped with maximum stats will have a "perfect" on the info panel.
  • The Defense/Vitality stat can be infused into another piece of gear of the same type. This makes it easier to get armor pieces with the best stats.
  • When equipping armor with a level higher than your current character level, the boosts to Vitality and Defense will not be applied until you reach that level.
Level Min Max
30 125 150
30 +1 128 153
30 +2 130 155
30 +3 133 158
30 +4 135 160
30 +5 138 163
30 +6 140 165


→ Main Page: Equipment Affixes#Armor

Armor pieces have up to two random affixes on them. Uncommon and Rare armor will have one, Epic armor will have two affixes.

  • Affixes stack - for example, having the Projectile Damage affix on three armor pieces increases projectile damage by 3%.
  • Affixes can be re-rolled by using a shard of the same color on them (Minor Shards for Uncommon armor, Major Shards for Rare armor, and Glimmering Shards for Epic armor).

List of Armor Affixes

  • + 1% Projectile Damage
  • + 1% Crit Chance
  • + 2% Crit Damage
  • + 1% XP Gain
  • + 2% Super Charge Rate
  • - 1% Incoming Crit Damage


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Like weapons, each armor piece can be enchanted with runic tilesets, which will trigger when the player performs the sequence of actions determined by the runes used to craft the tileset, giving a buff to all damage and healing.

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