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Equipment is used to increase a player's stats.

Types of Equipment


A Paladin's hammer.

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The weapon increases a player's base damage, and can provide additional boosts to Intellect and Strength.

A weapon has to be equipped at all times. Each class has a different type of weapon. When equipping a weapon of a different type, your character switches class to match the weapon.

While weapons cannot be dyed, their appearance can be changed with transmogs.


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Armor increases a player's resistance to damage, and can provide additional boosts to Defense and Vitality.

Four pieces of armor can be equipped at once - a hat, shoulderpieces, gloves and a chestpiece.

There are three types of armor: cloth, leather and plate, each of those types providing different amounts of damage reduction. Each class can only wear one type of armor. If your currently equipped armor does not match your class, the armor won't bestow any benefits (armor, stats, affixes, etc), and it will look like you have no gear equipped.

Type Classes
Plate Paladin, Warrior
Leather Ranger, Scoundrel, Musketeer
Cloth Bard, Runemage, Shaman

Gear acquired from raids can only be equipped by one class.

The appearance of armor can be changed with transmogs and the color can be changed with dyes.


A common ring.

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Rings give boosts to various stats and some rings can have one of six different affixes.

Two rings can be equipped at once.


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Bracers apply special effects to the wearer - health regeneration, increased stamina, or a boost to Wisdom.

Unlike other equipment, bracers degrade over time, their effect becoming weaker until they break completely.

Upgrading Equipment


→ Main Page: Equipment Affixes

Armor, weapons and rings can have one or two special properties called affixes. While armor and ring and some weapon affixes are passive stat increases (e.g. increased damage of projectile attacks), other weapon effects are unique and can range from a chance to do AoE damage or apply a DoT effect to a chance to survive a deadly strike.

The affixes on an equipment piece can be rerolled by using an equipment shard of the same rarity on it.


Fully upgraded The One ring.

The randomized secondary stats (Intellect, Strength, Vitality and Defense) of weapons and armor can make it difficult to get gear with good stats - the highly sought-after +6 and +7 weapons can drop with an Intellect or Strength stat worse than even a +1 weapon.

This is where Infusion comes in! The secondary stats of any weapon or piece of armor can be upgraded at the Infusion Specialist by using another piece of gear of the same type with better stats. The better stats of the infusion source item are applied to the infusion base item, effectively enabling you to keep the good stats of your old gear when upgrading to a better one.

Rings can also be infused - the ring from the Rock Giant world boss has very underwhelming stats on its own, but by infusing the other three world boss rings and a luck ring into it, it gains the powerful Critical, Wisdom, Vitality and Luck stats of the other rings.

  • The stats on the infusion base item are only upgraded, no additional stats are added. This means, for example, that infusing a Scavenged ring (+10 Vitality, +35 Critical) into a Chaotic Signet (+70 Wisdom, +10 Critical) will only upgrade the Critical stat of the Chaotic Signet to 35, and the small boost to Vitality will be lost.
  • It is impossible to downgrade your gear with infusion, as the game will only apply the better stats from the piece being infused.
  • The stats can be upgraded to a higher value than it can naturally drop with (for example, infusing a +5 armor piece with +163 vitality into a +2 armor piece, which can only drop with stats up to +153).

The Infusion Specialist can be found near Pierre Cenn's shop in the City of Highsteppe and, after you progress enough in the Main Story Quest, at the Ambassador Village in the Flooded Rainforest.


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Weapons and armor can be enchanted by using runic tilesets - a sequence of runes that correspond to a chain of actions. Performing the actions specified by the runes will give the player a short buff that increases their attack by up to 10% and their healing by up to 5%, and can stack three times.

Tilesets can be designed to complement the player's individual play style, or a playstyle can be created to fit especially efficient tilesets. For a list of suggested tilesets, visit the individual class pages.

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