Weapons (OrbusVR)

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Weapons increase a character's base damage.

Every weapon type is tied to a class, and equipping a weapon will switch the player to the corresponding class.

Like most other equipment, all weapons are soulbound and cannot be traded. An exception are weapons dropped in shard dungeons and raids, which can be traded to players that participated in the dungeon/raid. They become soulbound once they leave the area.

Weapon Types

There are eight different types of weapon, each of them belonging to a different class:

Class Type Class Weapon
Tank Warrior Sword
Paladin Hammer
Support Musketeer Musket
Bard Mallets
Damage Ranger Bow
Scoundrel Revolver
Runemage Wand
Shaman Mask


Every weapon will have an base attack stat, and can have secondary boosts to strength and intellect, als well as additional enchantments called affixes. The attack stat of the weapon will depend on its level, the number of affixes and secondary stat boosts on the rarity.

If equipping a weapon higher than your current level, its attack stat will be capped to your current level and the boosts to strength and intellect will not be applied until you reach the specified level.


The attack stat of a weapon depends solely on its level, and is used as base damage in damage calculations.

Every weapon has a base attack which increases exponentially with its level, a weapon being about 10% stronger than a weapon of the previous level. Plus-leveled weapons from shard dungeons or raids are a little less than 5% stronger per plus-level.

A good estimation for a weapon's attack would be: ‎
275 * 1.1^level * 1.0497^pluslevel‎

Strength and Intellect

Weapons of at least Rare rarity will have boosts to Strength or Intellect; the strength of the boost depends on the level of the weapon, and can vary a bit.

  • Rare weapons will have one boost to only Intellect, Epic weapons will have boosts to both Strength and Intellect.
  • A weapon that dropped with maximum stats will have a "perfect" on the info panel.
  • The Strength/Intellect stat can be infused into another weapon of the same type. This makes it easier to get a weapon with the best stats.
  • When equipping a weapon with a level higher than your current character level, the boosts to Strength and Intellect will not be applied until you reach that level.
Level Min Max
30 125 150
30 +1 128 153
30 +2 130 155
30 +3 133 158
30 +4 135 160
30 +5 138 163
30 +6 140 165
30 +7 143 168


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Weapon affixes add special effects to the attacks of the player, for example increased damage on slowed enemies, or a small chance to heal a player for the damage they dealt.

There can be up to two affixes on a single weapon: Rare and Epic weapons will have one, Legendary weapons will have two affixes.


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Like armor, a weapon can be enchanted with runic tilesets, which will trigger when the player performs the sequence of actions determined by the runes used to craft the tileset, giving a buff to all damage and healing.