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Fishing near Nomad's Hut.

Fishing can be a nice, relaxing way to spend some time in game. But it is more than just a fun minigame - the different kinds of fish you can catch can be very valuable, and are used to craft powerful potions that are used a lot for end-game content and can sell on the auction house for a lot of dram.

How To Fish

Got a bite!


  1. You need a Fishing Pole - buy one from Chef Lethrow in Highsteppe City if you don't have one already. The type of fishing pole does not matter, bite rate is the same for all of them.
  2. Craft some lures in your player house. The lure parts you need depends on the |types of fish you want to catch.
  3. Look up where you can catch the fish you need. If you are fishing for legendary fish, make sure the fish is available at the time and all requirements are met.
  4. You may want to take a few fishing potions (and, especially for legendary fish, strength potions) with you to increase your chances.


You're at the right spot and got the right lure? Perfect! Drink your potions, if you have any, and then let's get some fish!

  1. Equip your fishing rod to one of your tool slots, and the lure to the other one. If you hold your fishing pole, the lure should appear on the hook.
  2. Cast your line by holding trigger, moving your fishing rod forward and then letting go of the button.
    • Cast distance has an effect on bite rate - far casts are more likely to get a bite.
    • If you hit land, the bobber will appear back on your fishing pole.
  3. If a fish bites, a small splash appears at your lure, and your controller will rumble a bit. Pull your fishing rod back to hook it before it gets away!
  4. Pull the fish in by using the reel.
    • The fishing line will be under stress and turn red after a while. If you keep reeling the fish in, it will snap, so let go of the reel and wait for the line to go back to white.
    • The fish will be fighting back against you. Use strength potions and a weapon with a high strength stat to combat this.
  5. After you catch a fish, check your lure's durability - every successful catch costs 2 durability.

Tips and Tricks

  • As soon as your bobber hits the water, the game already decided if you will catch a fish. You can just let it slowly float to the shore, or immediately start reeling it in.
  • There is an overleveling perk that gives you a chance to catch two fish at once.
  • As a Paladin, you can use your left book to get a short boost to Strength, making it easier to reel fish in that are fighting back too much.


The lure crafting station.

Lures can be crafted at the lure crafting station in the player house. Place your lure parts in the chest near the lure crafting station to make them appear on the table. Grab 1-3 different ingredients and put them on the hook to craft a lure. The parts used directly affect which species of fish you are able to catch with it.

Lure Parts

Most lure parts drop from all kinds of overworld enemies fairly often. The list of drop locations is by no means exhaustive and is more a guide on where to go and what to murder if you need a specific type of lure part.

Icon Name Example Sources
Small Tongue
Lesser Eye
Large Minnow
  • Fishing
Small Tooth
Blue Scales
  • Lamavora (Crystal Cave): Kill Elite Tear Enemies
Eye Worm
Shiny Metal
  • Wastelands (Old Growth): Kill Enraged Scav Enemies
Rotten Finger
Bloody Flesh
Fat Fly
Snake Bits

List of Fish

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