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Guilds in OrbusVR are called "Fellowships".


It is not necessary to be in a Fellowship to access all of the game content, but it still has some benefits:

  • Access to Fellowship Hall
    • Sharing resources via the guild chest
    • Access to a training room with a few small and boss-sized dummies
  • Socializing
  • In-game help
  • Many fellowships organize events like raids, usually via discord

Creating a Fellowship

A Fellowship Certificate.

To create a fellowship, you need to buy a Fellowship Certificate at the Odds and Ends shop for 2000 Dram and talk to the Fellowship Vendor in the small building next to Fellowship Court. Tell him the name for your new fellowship, and you're done!


The higher you level your fellowship, the more members it can have. You level it by having members gain experience points from quests, dungeons, etc., while being members of your guild.

When you have enough experience points, you can go back to the fellowship vendor with another fellowship certificate to level up your guild.

Level XP needed Members
1 0 10
2 10 000 15
3 100 000 20
4 300 000 40
5 1 000 000 75

Transferring Leadership

There is currently no in-game way to transfer the leadership of a guild, but you (the current guild leader) can request a leadership transfer by emailing the developers (gamemaster@orbusvr.com).

  • State the fellowship's name, your character's name, and the name of the person you want to transfer leadership to.
  • You need to use the email linked to your account.

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