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The plants, mushrooms, fruits and ores that spawn in the overworld can be harvested with a Harvesting Tool or by a pet with the Gatherer ability.

If a player has Overworld PvP enabled, more nodes of some resources are visible.

Plants and Mushrooms

These resources are used for potions. Most of these harvestables can also be acquired from Reward Caches, except for Roto Spores, Crown Foil, Sydazoran, Blue Moon Spores and Red Truffles.

With enabled Overworld PvP, more resource nodes are visible.

Icon Name Locations
Queens-Ear.png Queen's Ear Highsteppe
Reedflute.png Reedflute Flooded Rainforest
Blade-Cactus.png Blade Cactus Flooded Rainforest
Crown-Foil.png Crown Foil Lamavora Battlefields
Forsaken Isle
Sydazoran.png Sydazoran Hulthine's Basin
Jocud-Osheoth.png Jocud Osheoth Wastelands
Cythrilealtro.png Cythrilealtro Wastelands
Forsaken Isle
Weeping-Krodo.png Weeping Krodo Wastelands
Wilting-Sun.png Wilting Sun Highsteppe
Flooded Rainforest
King-Sweetie-Apple.png King Sweetie Apple Lamavora Battlefields
Coconut-Milk.png Coconut Milk Flooded Rainforest
Orbus-Pinecone.png Pinecone Hulthine's Basin
Blood-Mace.png Blood Mace Wastelands
Roto-Spore.png Roto Spore Lamavora Battlefields
Blue-Moon-Spore.png Blue Moon Spore Flooded Rainforest
Blood-Cap.png Blood Cap Lamavora Battlefields
Plains-Helm-Spore.png Plains Helm Spore Hulthine's Basin
Sour-Bells.png Sour Bells Highsteppe
Red-Truffle.png Red Truffle Highsteppe
Water-Toad.png Water Toad Highsteppe


Ores are mostly used for artificing, and can't be harvested by pets.

Enabling Overworld PvP does not increase the amount of ore resource nodes visible.

Icon Name Locations
Grathorp-Ore.png Grathorp Sarrow's Cave (Highsteppe)
Central Cave (Highsteppe)
Nahomium-Ore.png Nahomium Cut Throat Cave (Flooded Rainforest)
Demon's Cave (Flooded Rainforest)
Cryejil-Ore.png Cryejil Sarrow's Cave (Highsteppe)
Linstanium.png Linstanium Demon's Cave (Flooded Rainforest)
Crystal Cave (Lamavora Battlefields)
Obsidian-Ore.png Obsidian Crystal Cave (Lamavora Battlefields)
Forsaken Isle
Knights-Tear.png Knight's Tear Scav's Den (Wastelands)

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