Flooded Rainforest

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Flooded Rainforest
Type Overworld Zone
Accessible from Highsteppe
Hulthine's Basin
Teleport Pillars Nomad's Hut ( )
Wagon Graveyard
Demon's Cave

The Flooded Rainforest is an overworld area in OrbusVR.

Points of Interest

Ambassador Village

To make peace and strengthen relations with a few of the Scav factions that reside in the rainforest, Horne founded this small village. Most of the Flooded Rainforest part of the Main Story Quest takes place here.

After the player helped build the village, a Shard Vendor appears, who offers rarer shards in exchange for a bunch of more common shards.

  • 10 Minor Shards → Major Shard
  • 15 Major Shards → Glimmering Shard
  • 20 Glimmering Shards → Effervescent Shard

Onobi Encampment

The Onobi Encampment is a small tent village in the north-east of the Flooded Rainforest. Only protected by some wooden barricades, it is victim to frequent attacks from the Staf enemies in the area. During the public event that takes place here, players need to protect the camp from the onslaught of enemies.

In the cave north of the camp, a door leads to the ruins of Guild City, that are now overrun by enemies. Experienced adventurers can group up and challenge the five bosses there.

South-east of the camp, players can find the powerful, but difficult-to-cast Greater Affliction runemage spell.

Nomad's Hut

Wagon Graveyard

Public Event: Wagon Graveyard - Groups of Staf enemies will spawn and attack the three gates that protect the refugee. Protect the gates until the time runs out.

The Weird Sisters

The mysterious sisters come from outside of Patreayl and seem to know more about the veil between this world and the Chaos Realm. Are they responsible for the dimensional rift that suddenly appeared near their hut?

Cut Throat Cave

The Stafrute Colossus is guarding the south entrance near the Teleport Pillar, together with a group of other Staf enemies.

Cut Throat Cave contains a Rune Pillar with the spell Polymorph.

Inuinu Chasm

A large group of Stafrushers called The Horde is guarding the west entrance to the cave.

Near the west entrance, Sicilus is catching flying fish as food for the people of Highsteppe - but they have the bad habit of always flying away. Players can throw the fish back into the fishing boat in the Public Event Flying Fish.


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