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Type Overworld Zone
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Flooded Rainforest
Lamavora Battlefields
Teleport Pillars Hidden Garden (Teleport-diamond-rune.png Teleport-H-rune.png)
Trader's Road
Rope Bridge

Highsteppe is an overworld area in OrbusVR. This is where most of the early game takes place, and it contains the City of Highsteppe, the hub city of the game.

Points of Interest

Green Lady Temple

A group of Staf enemies guard this place.

The large world boss Bjorn Stafrute is roaming around between Green Lady Temple and Jonce's Farm.

Kingsport Lake

Kingsport Lake impresses with a great view of the large waterfalls, but is most known for being a great fishing spot, especially for Catfish as well as the Sunfish that can only be found here.

Chaos Portal

The unusually high number of monsters near the stone arch is no doubt a result from the Essence spilling over from the Chaos Realm. Prevent more monsters from entering our world by throwing the Tear Minions back into the portal in the "Chaos Tear" public event.

Sarrow's Cave

This cave contains the only source of Cryejil in the game, an important resource for artificing, but is guarded by cave-dwelling staf enemies and a powerful Tear Brute.

Spider eggs in the left part of the cave hint at the spider nest hidden behind the small crack in the wall.

The spell pillar for the Light spell can also be found here.



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