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Type Overworld Zone
Accessible from Flooded Rainforest
Hulthine's Basin
Teleport Pillars Cut Throat Forest ( )
Old Growth
Essence Ruins

Wastelands is an overworld area in OrbusVR.

Points of Interest

Scav's Den

Essence crystals similar to the ones in Lamavora were once mined here, but as the Wastelands were overrun by the Scavs, the mine was abandoned and is now used by the Scavs as a hideout.

The scav Tohmain is trying to unite the different factions, threatening to gather an army and launch an attack on Highsteppe. This cave is rumored to be their meeting spot.

The cave also contains a large amount of Knight's Tear ore, and is the only source of the rare mineral.

Downed Airship

Old Growth

Dwarfing even Highsteppe City's Guardian Tree, this giant tree towers over the wastelands and provides shade to the scav outpost below.


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