Chaos Giant

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The Chaos Giant ("Grimus").

The Chaos Giant (also called Grimus by the community) is a World Boss in OrbusVR, and can be found in the southern part of the Lamavora Battlefields.

The nearest teleport pillar is Knight's Fort, and the nearest pillar that can be reached via a runemage's teleport spell is Vulcan's Point.


The locations of the four levers.

To enrage the Chaos Giant, players need to find and pull the four levers hidden in the area simultaneously.

  • The best way to do this is to create a party with five players, with four of them on one lever each, and the fifth counting down over party chat and checking if the boss enraged.
  • Assign the lever roles to non-PvP players as the isolated lever-pullers can be killed easily.

Boss Fight

  • Smash: A powerful AoE attack you should dodge.
  • Poison Pools: The Chaos Giant creates a purple pool where the tank is standing. The pools inflict damage over time to anyone standing inside.
  • Anti-Heal (enraged only): Enraged Chaos Giant inflicts anti-heal debuffs with its normal attacks.


  • Watch out for Void Casters in the area, they can Link Shield the boss.
  • Try to move the boss as little as possible - it can trip on the swords and shields lying around and reset.

Boss Loot

  • Ring: Chaotic Signet (+75 Wisdom, +10 Critical)
  • Cape: Unknown Equation
  • Pet: Windup Chaos Giant
  • Overworld Items: Like all overworld mobs, Grimus has a chance of dropping normal loot and/or a very rare chance of dropping an overworld legendary item.


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