Bjorn Stafrute

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Bjorn Stafrute ("Tresus") during summer.

Bjorn Stafrute (also called Tresus or Treesus by the community) is a World Boss in OrbusVR, and can be found roaming around in the Highsteppe area between Jonce's Farm and Green Lady Temple ruins. He can also be found at the Edge of Nowhere in the tavern of Highsteppe City.

The closest teleport pillar is Hidden Garden near Green Lady Temple, which can also be reached by a Runemage's teleport spell.


The locations of the four trees.

Kill his four squirrel friends sitting on trees in the area. Once they are all dead, Tresus will enrage.


  • There is sometimes one shard where the Squirrel's trees are immortal, this is a "feature" of the game. Once you have identified the shard, just avoid it.
  • The trees change colours with the seasons.

Boss Fight

  • Smash: A powerful AoE attack you should dodge.
  • Tremors: Tresus stands still for a while, and continuously creates small circles below players nearby. These circles will explode after a moment, dealing quite a lot of damage. When you see him do this attack, keep moving.
  • Anti-Heal (enraged only): Tresus inflicts anti-heal debuffs with each of his normal attacks.
  • Acorns (enraged only): Pinecone projectiles shoot from his head towards a random player. They can be shot down.
    • The acorns will follow you all the way to the graveyard and snipe you as you rez.
  • Minions (enraged only): Bjorn Stafrute spawns a bunch of Staf-type enemies.


  • Ring: Signet of Bark (+10 Wisdom, +110 Vitality, +10 Critical)
  • Cape: Overgrown Bark
  • Pet: Windup Bjorn Stafrute
  • Blueprint: Bjorn Stafrute Picture
  • Overworld Items: Like all overworld mobs, Tresus has a chance of dropping normal loot and/or a very rare chance of dropping an overworld legendary item.


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