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Map of Patreayl
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Main Overworld

Other Areas

Secrets of Mugwood

The areas of the Secrets of Mugwood mini story pack can only be accessed by using the Micronizer in the appropriate places.


You can pull up a map of the world or the current zone by selecting the globe below your XP bar. Points of interest are highlighted, and clicking on one will create a white pillar of light at that location.

Your compass also shows all these locations with small arrow indicators, as well as the locations of the players in your party.


The game provides players with a handful of ways to get around the overworld quicker:

  • Mounts: Faster movement speed. Can be bought very early in the game from Darius.
  • Teleportation Device: Tool that teleports the player to their Player House from anywhere in the world. Cooldown of 25 minutes.
  • Teleport Pillars: Quick-Travel points (usually 3 per zone), using them consumes a Runemage Reagent from the player's inventory.
  • Teleport Ritual: a teleport orb can be spawned by a Runemage by casting a ritual, which can teleport multiple people to one of six teleport pillars. Only consumes a Reagent of the Runemage casting the ritual.

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