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A party is a group consisting of up to 10 players. Forming a party is required to enter instanced dungeons and raids with a group of people. The names of players in the same party as you are highlighted in green.

Creating a Party

Inviting someone to a party will automatically start a new party, if you are not already part of one.

  • You can add people to the party by inviting them via the "Nearby", "Friends" or "Fellowship" menu.
  • If you were already in a party when you accept an invite, you will automatically leave the old party and join the new one.
  • If you have the "Do Not Disturb" option enabled, you won't receive party invites. Players inviting you to a party will receive a message that you are unavailable.
  • The party leader can kick party members via the party menu.

Dungeon Party

  • Up to five people of the same party can join an instanced dungeon.
  • If a player needs to leave mid-dungeon, they can leave the party and the remaining members can invite another person to fill the spot.
    • If a player logs out without leaving the party, they turn into an Unknown party member, and no new player can join without turning the party into a raid party.
    • If you form a new party while inside the dungeon, players exiting and re-entering the dungeon or newly invited players entering will end up in a seperate dungeon instance, as dungeon instances are not saved.

Raid Party

A party of more than 5 people will automatically turn into a Raid Party.

  • As soon as the sixth person joins the party, all party members will receive a message that the party turned into a Raid party. No such message is displayed if the player count falls back to five or lower.
  • Players in a raid party will not get any experience points or lootbags from monsters they kill, except raid bosses.

PvP Party

  • Players participating in Overworld PvP can't damage their party members.
  • You can heal and resurrect your party members.

Party Lead

  • The leader of the party is always the person on the top of the list, usually the player who started the party.
  • It is possible to accidentally switch party lead, for example when exiting a dungeon, or on purpose when the party leader invites themselves via the Fellowship menu.
  • Only the party leader can kick party members or sign up the party for the dungeon, raid or battlegrounds queue.


  • Only the party leader can sign up the party for a queue.
    • Only parties with five or less members can join for the dungeon queue. If their party role choices on signup make it impossible for the game to create a dungeon group, the queue will be declined. If any player does not accept the ready check, the whole party will be removed from the queue.
    • Only parties with two members can join for a battlegrounds queue.
    • Any party can join a raid queue.
  • If you are in a party by yourself or with an Unknown party member, you won't be able to queue up.


  • Raid progress is saved to the party leader. You can resume an unfinished raid later if the same person is the party leader again - even if the other players are different.
  • Only boss progress is saved. Leaving the instance and entering it again (with the old or a new party) will make all add groups before the unkilled bosses respawn, even if they have been killed before.
  • If you have a raid instanced saved in your name, but can't or don't want to further participate in the raid, you can "share" the instance.
    • Start a party with you as the party leader.
    • Make sure that at least one party member enters the raid instance.
    • Leave the party. As long as at least one person is actively inside the raid instance, it will stay open and usable, and new people entering the raid will appear in the correct instance.

Unknown Party Member

If a party member logs out, they will stay in the party as an Unknown player until they log back on.

  • Unknown players can't be kicked from the party. If there is an Unknown player in your party, you need to form a new party to get rid of them.
    • If you exit the game, make sure to leave the party before logging out so your friends don't have to deal with this issue.
  • Unknown players will still count for mechanics like Napur's crystals or Sephotep's red circles.
  • You cannot queue up with an Unknown player in your party.
  • Sometimes, a player is labeled as Unknown to some party members even if they are online. This is usually only visual.

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