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Type Other
Weight 1
Tradable varies

Pets are small companions that follow a player around. Only one pet can be equipped at a time.

Pet Traits

A pet can have one of three traits:

  • Plunderer: While equipped, the pet will pick up loot bags for you.
  • Gatherer: While equipped, the pet will pick up harvestables (excluding ores) in a small radius.
  • Jumper: While in your inventory or equipped, the cooldown of your teleporter is decreased by 5 minutes (does not stack).

Every time the pet uses its ability, its happiness will be a lowered a bit. A depressed pet's ability is inactive until it is fed with any Pet Treats.

Every pet will start without an ability. By feeding it Bonus Pet Treats, it will gain a random ability. The ability can be changed by feeding it Bonus Treats until you get the desired one.

List of Pets


A Sea, Tiger and Mouse dragon in comparison.

Dragons are different from other pets: they are tradable, breedable, are available in a lot of different colors and can be used for the dragon racing minigame.

Icon Name Source
Mouse Dragon Dragon Shoppe (500 dram)
Tiger Dragon Dragon Shoppe (1000 dram)
Sea Dragon Dragon Shoppe (2500 dram)

Seasonal and Unobtainable

Icon Name Source
Mouse Dragon (5 Year Anniversary) 5 Year Anniversary Quest (Part 1)
Tiger Dragon (5 Year Anniversary) 5 Year Anniversary Quest (Part 2)
Sea Dragon (5 Year Anniversary) 5 Year Anniversary Quest (Part 3)


These pets are not tradable, and cannot breed or be used in dragon races.


Icon Name Source
Cauldron Whisper
Obnobi Lizard Pierre Cenn
Rupert Forsaken Isle: Kill enemies
Chaos Bat K'tula's Cove: Kill any enemy
King Kar'nos K'tula's Cove: Kill bosses
Grubbling Plateau of Apophis: Kill any enemy
Chief Mordoken Plateau of Apophis: Kill Chief Mordoken
Moonfly DLC
Mushroom DLC
Balloon Treasure Map: Main Overworld
Mimic Treasure Map: DLC
Bjorn Stafrute Kill Enraged Bjorn Stafrute
Chaos Giant Kill Enraged Chaos Giant
Scav Giant Kill Enraged Scav Giant
Rock Giant Kill Enraged Rock Giant
Valusia Warrior Guild City Raid (Normal): Seamstress
Sephotep Citadel Raid (Normal): Enraged Sephotep
Enraged Sephotep Citadel Raid (Hard): Inflamed Sephotep
Elongata Legendary Overworld Drop
Raven Legendary Shard Dungeon Drop
Alley Cat Legendary Shard Dungeon Drop
Beaver Reaver Cash Shop
Donkey Cash Shop

Seasonal and Unobtainable

Icon Name Source
Necro Boss Old Game
Necro Boss Old Game
Rock Golem Old Game
Ottathamine Hen Explore the Realm Event 2020
Snatcher Fall Festival 2019
Black Snatcher Fall Festival 2020
Brezurple Snatcher Fall Festival 2021
Mitted Skele Brezurple Snatcher Fall Festival 2022
Snowman Pet Winter Festival 2019
Snowman Pet Winter Festival 2020
Gingerbread Snowman Winter Festival 2021
Holiday Spirit Snowman Winter Festival 2022
Angel Rupert 5 Year Anniversary

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