Plateau of Apophis

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Plateau of Apophis
Type Dungeon
Accessible from Lamavora Battlefields
Nearby Teleport Vulcan's Point

The Plateau of Apophis is a dungeon in OrbusVR. The area resembles a hot, rocky desert, filled with skeletal creatures.

The entrance to the dungeon is located in Lamavora Battlefields, near the Vulcan's Point teleport pillar.



Add Groups

Four skeletal enemies make up the add groups in this dungeon. Their bodies are half bones, with their flesh charred away by the scorching sun. Only the Grubblings can survive in this hostile desert, and use the skulls of other animals as protection.

  • Skull Hornet: A butterfly-like flying enemy, able to poison players. Its behaviour is similar to the wasps from the Secrets of Mugwood DLC.
  • Basilikos: A snake-like enemy with a clubbed tail, able to create damaging pools with their Rattle attack.
  • Krichton: A dinosaur-like enemy. Their Chomp and Stomp attack damages all players in melee range in front of the Krichton and spawns a circle below a random player that deals damage once.
  • Grubbling: A small baby yoda-like yellow goblin with large ears, hiding inside of a skull. Melee without any special attacks.

Chief Mordoken

Chief Mordoken.

Chief Mordoken, the leader of the Grubblings, can be found inside of a cave at the base of the giant spine resting on the mountain. The entrance is marked by two lanterns, and guarded by elite Grubblings.


Chief Mordoken will switch between Ooga and Booga phases randomly.

  • Ooga: Mordoken's eyes glow red, and until the cast bar ends, any damage done to him will be reduced to 1 and a powerful (decurse-able) DoT will be applied to all party members.
    • When he is hit during this phase, a blue explosion indicates that someone messed up.
    • The penalty only trigger once on the initial hits of DoTs like poison, affliction or bleed, as well as shaman pulse totems, and not on the individual damage ticks.
  • Booga: The glow on Mordoken's eyes disappears, and until the cast bar ends, the boss can be hit for full damage without receiving the DoT.
    • When Mordoken is damaged during Booga phase, a fiery rock will spawn that can be thrown at the boss. If the boss is hit with the rock, one lantern will be put out.
  • Stun Phase: After all lanterns are put out, the boss will open up his skeleton skull, and will be able to be damaged for a few seconds.
    • Mordoken takes 35% increased damage from all sources during this phase.
    • After the stun phase is over and all lanterns re-light, you have a short period of time to stop your attacks before he starts with the next Ooga or Booga again.


  • Melee Attack: While the boss will never actively run towards any player, he will chomp at anyone who gets too close.
  • Ooga: One projectile shoots in the direction of one random player when the cast bar starts. On hit, it deals damage and applies a decurse-able DoT.
  • Booga: One projectile shoot in the direction of every player when the cast bar starts. On hit, it deals damage and applies a decurse-able DoT.
  • Oogly Boogly: The boss will heal for about 10% of his health unless interrupted once. He will use this attack after seven Ooga or Booga.
    • If the boss is at 50% health or below, pools will spawn under each player that deal damage over time. Either one or two sets of pools are spawned, and they disappear after a short period of time.

Tips and Tricks

  • Use a single person to hit the boss during Booga to spawn the rocks.
  • If the boss is hit on accident during Ooga, a Musketeer or Bard can quickly use their Decurse Orb or Instrument of Protection to remove the debuff from the entire party as soon as they see the blue explosion.


Tothmaug, the skeletal dragon.

Guardian Tothmaug can be found at the top of the plateau.


  • Sandstorm: Tothmaug will teleport, summon a sand storm when he re-appears that applies a DoT to all party members (not decursable).
    • Sandstorm ends when all blue bubbles on the ground are popped by either attacking them or running into them.


  • Boomerang: A bone boomerang appears and rotates around the area for a while. When a player is hit by a boomerang, they take damage and a decurseable Affliction DoT will be applied (to the player).
    • The boomerangs don't despawn at all for the entirety of the fight, but can be removed by interrupting the Crystal Flame X attack or when they hit someone.
  • Crystal Flame X: Only used during Sandstorm, about every five seconds after the boss re-appeared. Shoots one red flame towards each player unless interrupted thrice. This projectile applies a decursable DoT that ticks once for usually lethal damage.
    • When interrupted, it also removes all Boomerangs.

Tips and Tricks

  • To stop the Boomerangs from piling up, wait until Tothmaug casts Crystal Flame X and then interrupt the attack before ending the storm.


  • Grubbling Pet: Drop from any enemy.
  • Chief Mordoken Pet: Drop from Chief Mordoken.
  • Plateau Weapons: All weapons dropped in this dungeon and from reward chests from leveling up.
    • This dungeon does not drop any armor, only weapons.


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