Market Stalls

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Player Stalls
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Type Location
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport Fellowship Court

The Market Stalls in the lower layer of Highsteppe City can be rented for a month by players to display their items for sale.

Renting a Stall

To get a stall, you need to bid on a permit on the Auction House. Like for all items sold on the auction house, the maximum bid is 999 999 Dram.

After winning the bid on a market stall permit, you'll have access to the stall with the corresponding number for a month. After your permit runs out, the remaining items and the uncollected money will be placed in the auction house chests in your player house.

Selling Items

When you won the auction for a player stall permit, a chest appears next to your stall. You can sell items on your by placing the items in the chest, and setting the prices.

  • All prices are per item, not for the full stack.
  • No fee is deducted when buying/selling items at a player stall.
  • All items available in a player stall will also appear on the auction house. The usual auction house fee is deducted when buying/selling these items through the auction house.
  • If you change the contents the chest, nothing will be on sale until you press the "Set Prices" button.

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