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Player House
Player House.jpg
Type Location
Accessible from Highsteppe City
Nearby Teleport none

The player house is located in the south-east part of the City of Highsteppe. While there is only one building for everyone, each player can enter their own instance of the player house.


There are four floors, all connected by an elevator. A door on the first floor leads to the basement, and a large spiral staircase takes the player up to the second floor. The third floor can only be accessed by the elevator.

First Floor

Item Chest

The large chest next to the exit door can be used to store a large amount of items.

  • Five pages of 40 slots each are available from the beginning, four more pages can be unlocked with increasing amounts of dram.
  • Alchemy ingredients, tinkering material and lure parts can be quickly deposited by using the button on the first page of the chest inventory.


→ Main Page: Alchemy

The alchemy station can be used to craft potions and rune tiles, as well as some other items.

Dragon Terrarium

→ Main Page: Dragon Breeding

The terrarium can hold three pets, and changes decorations with the seasons.

Two dragon pets can breed here, creating another dragon after 12 hours with traits depending on the parents.

Second Floor

Transmog Wardrobe

→ Main Page: Cosmetics#Transmogrification

The transmog wardrobe is used to change the appearance of once's armor and weapons. Any compatible style can be chosen, as long as a piece of equipment with that style has been obtained and destroyed before.

Lure Bench

→ Main Page: Fishing

Lures for fishing can be crafted here by placing 1-3 lure ingredients on the fishing hook. The ingredients have to be placed in the chest to the left of the lure bench first.

Tinkerer Workbench

→ Main Page: Tinkering

At this workbench, some items can be crafted by completing a puzzle minigame. To unlock the crafting recipes, a blueprint item has to be obtained and destroyed once.

Auction House

On the auction house, players can buy and sell items, as well as bid on permits for player stalls.

You can sell items by placing them in the auction chest to the right of the Auctioneer.

  • 12 items can be offered on the auction house at once.
  • Items can be sold at a fixed price, and/or put up for auction for other players to bid on.
  • When selling stacked items, the price set will be for the whole stack, not a single individual item.
  • After an item has been sold, the money will be placed in the chest for you to collect (look at the top of the auction chest menu). You may need to place an item in the auction chest for the money to show up.

Items offered on the auction house by other players can be bought from the auction house by talking to the Auctioneer. When buying things on the auction house, an additional 2% of the item price is removed from your account as an auction house fee.

  • You can bid on some items by typing in the amount of money you are willing to spend. The money will be removed from your account.
    • If another player outbids you, the money you offered will be returned to your auction chest immediately.
    • After the auction timer runs out and you are the highest-bidding player, the item will be placed in the chest to the left of the Auctioneer.
  • Some items are available for sale immediately. After buying, they are immediately placed in the chest to the left of the Auctioneer.

Third Floor


The library on the third floor contains some lore books, as well as a board where you can exchange your overlevel points for perks.

Training Dummies

Two small scarecrow training dummies as well as two large boss-size Minotaur dummies are located in the library, and can be used to test equipment, or practice combat.

  • The Giantkiller weapon affix works when fighting any of the two minotaur dummies.
  • The boss dummy on the left is basically immortal, while the right one is killable with a bit of effort.


Artificing Workbench

→ Main Page: Artificing

Here, players can put together rune tiles into tilesets, which can be used to add custom enchantments to armor and weapons that add a boost to damage and healing.

Potion Aging

Some potions can be aged on the shelf in the basement, increasing their potency or even changing their effect entirely, but make sure you take them out of the aging chest before they overage and spoil.

The aging chest has twelve spaces to hold up to 99 of a type of potion each.


Players can customize their player house by placing certain items in the furniture chests, and arrange them to their liking by toggling the Build Mode.

Items that can be used to decorate the player house are:

The wallpaper changes with the seasons.


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