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The raids in OrbusVR are dungeon-like instances with 4 or 5 bosses tuned for groups of 10 max-level players. There are currently two different raids, each of them also available in Hard Mode, featuring stronger versions of the bosses and expanding on the mechanics of Normal Mode.

Raid Parties

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A party automatically turns into a raid party if there are more than 5 players in it. While in a raid party, you won't gain any experience points or loot drops outside of raids.

Raid Instances

Raid progression is locked to the party leader - the person who is at the top of the party list (usually the player who started the party). Any progress you have made in killing the bosses will be saved in that instance.

  • All instances reset on Tuesdays when Orbus does the weekly update.
  • If the party leader wants to share their instance without participating in the raid, they can do so by starting a party and only leaving the party after a party member is inside of the raid instance before leaving the party. As long as at least one person is actively inside the raid instance, it will stay open and usable.

List of Raids

All bosses are designed for a party of 1-2 tanks, 1-2 healers, and 6-8 DPS. Make sure you can fill the required roles before attempting the raids.

Ruins of Guild City

This is an entry-level raid for players new to this type of end-game content.

The entrances to Guild City are located near Demon's Cave in the Flooded Rainforest (normal mode), and in the City of Highsteppe near Whisper's Salvaging shop (hard mode).

Raid Difficulty Recommended gear level
Clockwork Hunter - Kingme
Guild City Raid (Normal)
Medium +1 or higher
Empowered Valusia Warrior - Kingme
Guild City Raid (Hard)
Hard +4 or higher


This is the harder raid of the two. Mechanics are tricky for this one, it is recommended to do this with at least a few people who have completed this raid before.

Raid Difficulty Recommended gear level
Napur - Pherosis
Citadel Raid (Normal)
Hard +3 or higher
Enraged Sephotep - Pherosis
Citadel Raid (Hard)
Very hard +5 or higher

Gear Drops and Tokens

Every character gets a guaranteed Token and one chance at gear and item drops per week from each boss defeated. Each boss gives you a different type of equipment, as well as the corresponding token - for example, the Clockwork Hunter from Guild City will always give you gloves and glove tokens.

If you defeat a boss a second time before raid progression resets on Tuesdays, you will only get Dram from the boss chest.


Raid Armor & Weapon Legendary Weapon
Name Difficulty
Guild City Normal +2 +2
Hard +5 +5
+0 (Event Chest)
Citadel Normal +4 +5
Hard +6 +7


Tokens can be exchanged for a piece of equipment for your currently-equipped class at the Raid Vendor in the City of Highsteppe near Fellowship Court. It costs five tokens to buy a piece of armor, and eight for a weapon.

A weapon bought with tokens will never be Legendary.

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