Reward Cache

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Reward Cache
Orbus Chest.png
Type Other
Weight 0.1
Tradable no

The Reward Cache is an item that is obtained as a reward from completing various objectives (completing missions, unsharded dungeons, public events, leveling up), and can be opened to get a variety of items.

Small Reward Cache[edit | hide | hide all]

Small Reward Caches are acquired by completing missions, unsharded dungeons, or public events.


  • 1 armor piece or weapon
    • uncommon/green for completing missions, overworld public events and the Guild City event (normal mode)
    • rare/blue or epic/purple for unsharded dungeons
    • rare/blue or epic/purple for the Guild City event (hard mode) with a chance to get a legendary/orange weapon
  • 0-2 potion ingredients: Blade Cactus, Pinecone, Bloodcap, Reedflute, Coconut Milk, King's Sweetie Apple, Queen's Ear, Jocud Osheoth
  • 0-2 Runemage Reagents
  • 1 dye: Teal Accent, Navy Major, Brown Sugar Major, Brick Major
  • Metal Spring (only from public event reward caches)
  • Geared Mount Blueprint (only from public event reward caches)

Large Reward Cache[edit | hide]

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Large Reward Caches appear in your inventory after leveling up.


  • 1-2 armor pieces and/or weapons (uncommon/green)
  • 1-2 potions:
    • Level 2-29: Intellect, Vitality, Strength, ???
    • Level 30+: Enhanced Intellect, Enhanced Vitality, Enhanced Strength, Enhanced Healing, Empowered Strikes, Chameleon, Luck, Speed, Forgetfulness, Pack Mule
  • 0-3 potion ingredients:
    • Plains Helmspore, Weeping Krodo, Wilting Sun, Sour Bells, Blood Maces, Water Toad
  • 2 dyes: Crimson Accent, Saltwater Taffee Accent, Cobalt Accent, Emerald Major, Charcoal Major
  • 0-3 Runemage Reagents
  • 0-1 Cube Puzzle Blueprint

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