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Rings are a type of equipment in OrbusVR. They can be equipped in the ring slots, and add stats and effects. Two rings can be equipped at once.

List of Rings

Rings can be acquired by defeating enemies in the overworld, and defeating enraged World Bosses.

Icon Name Effect Source
Ring-bronze.png Ring of Meditation +10 Wisdom Various overworld enemies
Ring-bronze.png Ring of Striking +10 Critical Various overworld enemies
Ring-bronze.png Ring of Luck +25 Luck Various overworld enemies
Ring-black.png Signet of Bark +10 Critical
+10 Luck
+110 Vitality
Enraged Bjorn Stafrute
Ring-black.png Chaotic Signet +75 Wisdom
+10 Critical
Enraged Chaos Giant
Ring-black.png Scavenged Ring +35 Critical
+10 Vitality
Enraged Scav Giant
Ring-theOne.png The One +5 Critical
+25 Vitality
+5 Wisdom
+5 Luck
Enraged Rock Giant

Infused Rings

Fully upgraded The One ring.

Like armor, rings can be infused to upgrade their stats.

Base Sources Effects
Scavenged Ring* Signet of Bark +35 Critical
+110 Vitality
Chaotic Signet* Scavenged Ring +75 Wisdom
+35 Critical
The One
  • Signet of Bark
  • Scavenged Ring
  • Chaotic Signet
  • Ring of Luck
+35 Critical
+110 Vitality
+75 Wisdom
+25 Luck

* Before the introduction of The One ring and its ability to combine all the world boss rings, these rings were the best ones to use, and can still be made if you don't have The One ring yet.

Ring Affixes

The epic rings dropped from enraged World Bosses have one of six affixes. Ring affixes don't stack - equipping two rings with the same affix will only apply the effect once.

  • Empowered
    Increases Critical Strike damage by 3%.
    • Empowered is useful for any class, as it increases the damage output of DPS classes, the healing output of support classes (as heals can crit too), and helps with aggro generation of tank classes.
    • Stacks with other buffs, like the Crit Damage armor affix.
  • Elite Protector
    Take 3% less damage from elites. (A boss is NOT an elite)
  • Elite Hunter
    Deal 3% more damage to elites. (A boss is NOT an elite)
  • Sticky
    Your stuns last longer.
    • This is very useful for Paladins, as it helps a lot when stun-locking enemies.
  • Clear Headed
    Decreases the duration of stuns and slows on you.
    • This affix is not very useful, as there are only a handful of enemies that slow players.
  • Indestructible
    The ring itself does not take any durability damage on death.
    • This is the only affix that sort of stacks and can be used on both rings, as it only applies to the ring it is on.
    • This affix is considered to be basically useless, as durability is a non-issue in dungeons and raids.


  • Ring affixes (except Indestructible) don't stack - having two rings with the same affix will only apply the effect once.

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