Ruined Potion

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Ruined Potion
Type Potion
Weight 1
Tradable yes

The Ruined Potion is a type of potion.


Orbus Question.png Probability for the effects?

Has a chance to apply one of these effects when drinking:

  • Turn the player's skin green
  • Kill the player

The green skin effect can be decursed. This will temporarily turn the player's armor brown, ignoring the applied dyes or base coloring of the armor (returns to normal when reloading graphics by switching classes or moving to a different zone).


  • Crafting with alchemy, using any combination of ingredients that doesn't result a different potion


  • The effects of the Ruined Potion are the same as the Over-Aged Potion's, but the two items can't stack in the inventory.

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